Top 3 2017’s Best Selling WordPress Themes

What is 2017’s Best Selling WordPress Themes? This is a big question in the mind of bloggers and website developers. In this article, I am going to provide you with the list of best-selling WordPress themes in 2017.

Top 3 2017's Best Selling WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to run your website and you will get different themes in it. These are called WordPress themes, and these themes give the graphical interface to your website. Every theme you select for WordPress has its own unique features and specification. A perfect theme for your website will also boost the popularity of your business online.

In a word press theme, you will get almost any type extensive feature lists, relative ease and many powerful in building tools that will help you in different ways. So for your quest of WordPress themes, I am providing you with the list of 2017’s best selling WordPress themes. With the help of this list, you can get your theme according to your need.

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2017’s Best Selling WordPress Themes:

1. DIVI:

The Divi theme is one of the most used and famous themes of WordPress and as a flagship product of Elegant themes, it is trusted by many people. In it, you will get page layouts for different types of projects. You will also get a friendly point and click page builder tools which are very efficient to use.

With the drag and drop page builder interface of Divi, anyone can use it easily for making their site look better. And below are some of the important highlights of Divi theme.

  • You will get a slit testing tool with this theme.
  • There are a number of customization settings.
  • You can export and import layouts between other websites.
  • Many content layouts to download.
  • You will also get a library of 20+ pre-built layouts.

This is a very good package that you can get for your site and due to its amazing features, it is among the best selling websites on WordPress.

2. Avada:

Avada is named as the best selling WordPress themes of all time and with a huge number of users over 250000. The version 5 of this theme has many updated improvements and features.  Some new demos of a website has been provided by an upgraded page builder and advanced controls. And some of the other highlights of Avada is given below.

  • There are a total 22 demo websites.
  • There is a large selection of layouts and page templates.
  • You can create shareable custom layouts.
  • Drag and drop page editor is provided in it.
  • The control panel provided with highly detailed theme options.

With this theme, you will get satisfied in building your website as per your requirements. You will get different tools and other useful options to make a good website for you.

3. X Theme:

This is another famous and best selling WordPress theme that you can get for your website. In it, you will get some customization tools and website demos. This is a very suitable theme for any project. The third party plugins and tools provided with this theme are not available easily. The plugins and tools available for this theme are so useful that you will not need to buy any for some while. Some other highlights of X theme are as follows.

  • Website demos are a varied selection.
  • You will also get some powerful suite of extensions with it.
  • There are some detailed customization settings of this theme.
  • This is a very reliable theme for E-commerce Company.
  • There is also a bespoke corner stone provided with this theme.

You can go with this website due to the tools and plugins provided with it and if you want to build an e commerce site then this theme is perfect for you. And it is also best selling that means many people use it.

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The above mentioned are the 2017’s best selling WordPress theme and each of these themes have their own unique feature. Each of them comes with new tools and plugins that will help you to perform many tasks with a WordPress theme. So you could use these themes for your website and share the experience with us by commenting below.



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