About Us


The main aim of Smartvive .com is to promote technology. Everyone in our team is crazy about the inventions and break throws happening in the world of technology. Here you will get to know about Smartphones, apps, SEO, Games and other different kind tech-oriented things. Every information we provide in our site is  done after lot research about the topic.

Our Work

Technology is a big field and it is tough to collect information about everything. So our team targeted the common technical things that people use in their everyday life. Below are some of the areas that people use in their daily lives.


Smartvive.com is a blog, so we tried to give information about blogging, SEO, Platforms and tools, and Plugins that one should use while blogging. So we provide information about the blog so that people get to know more about the way through which they can reach a large number of viewers of their thoughts. And through it how they can earn money online without getting into the loop of 9-5 work.


In our technology category, we target the Internet and the various social media sites, apps available to us. We give information about the most used and trending websites and social media platforms that can help or entertain people in many ways.


In the review category, we give reviews about new technological releases in the field of Smartphone, apps and various other gadgets. After a lot of research and hard work, we provide the reviews so that our viewers could know which product will be more suitable for them.


The apps category will give you the information regarding apps that are most helpful to our viewers. We also put Games and entertaining apps in this category so that they can know the difference between the various apps they use.

How To 

In the How To section, we will provide you with tricks and tips of downloading or fixing any problem related to apps, SEO, Blog, Gadgets.

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