How does Alexa Rank Work and How to Get Alexa Toolbar

Are you a blogger, IT professional, merchandise or owner of the website? How much is company site heading towards growth? What is Alexa Rank? In this era, as the development has increased to different levels. Business through online become common and the best way to reach people whether domestically or outside country or just say the entire whole world. As every business done via online creates competition with others on the internet. Where every website trying to make them most search sites as preferred by users on their searched basis.

How does Alexa Rank Work and How to Get Alexa Toolbar

When any user searches something on Google Search Engine, users generally visit the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pages and no further more. Simply, users, preference goes hardly upto the previously mentioned line. So, here again, the question arise that “what about others sites”? Searching anything on the internet displays millions of sites. A specific searched on the internet provides a huge amount of sites to users. Due to being many sites makes traffic in the internet world. Majorly to rank your site you need to have traffic.

Example:  A report came from a news channel that on 2015 surveyed about 2 trillion times searched found in Google Search Engine. Here, results that about 20% of searched was for “Smartphones “ which was done via smartphones only.

Check results with the most renowned tool which is fabulously great for websites ranking. Generally, use responsive and effective tool for your site to know how much the site is actually ranking.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank

The U.S. company made a great platform for website rank seekers. famous worldwide made Alexa Rank checking tool for the users to check the rank position for their respective sites. Users search for “Search Engine Ranking Page” is possible by Alexa Rank tool to get the right information. Alexa used to be ranking company in 1996. Later in 1999, the Amazon purchased the company and became subsidiary till now.

Alexa performs on a full focused ranking of sites, tracking and analytics similar to Google Analytics. Alexa calculates the rank of traffic with the help of their algorithm. Totally based on users searched globally as well as domestically in the country shows a record of traffic. Parameters and page views are the main factors of it. The parameters reach displays a number of visitors for every single day. Ranks totally based on the volume of traffic in websites.

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How does Alexa Rank Work?

Alexa rank

Alexa records users visit a particular site in a day. The process goes like this on daily basis page views and reaches by users is calculated. By the geometric, the performance of the site is obtained in Alexa ranking in about minimum of three months. Alexa targets the traffic to show the rank of the site.

Alexa allows comparing sites including measuring the website. It can be considered as a competitive tool for the site. The low rank of the site is better opposite to Google page rank checker. Helpful in site potential marketing for affiliate online marketers. Mostly the bloggers prefer the Alexa Ranking Toolbar to see their rankings. Alexa gives the full view of the site to manage its traffic in SEO.

As shown in this image, by just typing the website name including HTTP:// it will show up the full detail of the site with functions of Search Analytics, Wayback Machine, Similar Sites and including Speed of site.

How to get Alexa Toolbar?

How does Alexa Rank Work and How to Get Alexa Toolbar

Its very simple to get Alexa ranking toolbar to have on your PC or laptop. Just type Alexa Toolbar on Google Search Engine or visit the Users also use the Alexa Toolbar extension into the respective browser. The search function is offered and also central server receives data sent by Alexa Toolbar. Every time visiting on a web page collects traffic through current IP address.

Alexa website ranking checker performs on tracking the traffic on the internet. The Alexa Toolbar has a pop-up blocker, a box for search. Users are allowed to give their opinions as per the performance to rate the sites and links. About 10 million toolbars downloaded in 2005.

  • First, go to Your browser settings.
  • Then click on extensions and then click on get more extensions.
  • Then type Alexa in the search box.
  • Now click on the Alexa icon to download the extension.
  • Now use it to see your ranking.

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Final Words:

Alexa is one of the best places to know the stats of your Website and it will also tell the source of traffic on your website. Alexa rank is very much needed to maintain the popularity of your website. And the Alexa toolbar that I have mentioned above has a very important role to play to check the stats of your website in your browser. So now you I think you have to get the idea of the importance of Alexa.

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