Top 6 Best Android Emulator For Windows PC In 2017

Do you wanna run Android apps and games in your Windows pc? Then you have landed on the right page where I will provide you with some of the best android emulator for Windows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7 etc. As you all might know that to run any Android apps on windows device you will need an emulator. Best Android Emulator For WindowsIt is the only key tool for enjoying apps on windows. There are many android emulators available on the market but here I have listed out the best possible emulators for your use. All of these are used by our team and among them, the most eligible are recommended for you. So below you will get every detail of these emulators to enjoy the authentic experience.

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Top 6 Best Android Emulator For Windows:

1. Remix (OS Player)

Everybody loves installing and running application on Android devices. On your android x86 projects, it’s based on operating system base. And the player is the most advanced gaming as best Android Emulator for windows.

Whilst you can also install the player in your windows, there are simple ways to expertise Remix OS except going with the altercation of installation. It is free of cost Android-based Emulator for windows that made for Android (6.0) marshmallow versions.

Before installing, you must observe that it does not supports any AMD chipsets and it requires “Virtualisation Technology” enabled by BIOS. When you 1st time run the Player on your device then you should get the fresh looking interface with taskbar and shortcut button. It provides you with the information of recent trending applications and game that can be download. Play store is supported here so can able to install games and apps without any such setup file.

As tested by our team recognizes that there are any highly satisfy toward button gallivant whilst gaming that at one time you cannot get from the touchscreen. So they have highly use this gaming. Even you can play multiple games on your devices one screen. Here are lots of improvements for gameplay.

If you are a developer then it covers you. Here you can set manually its network type, signal strength, battery, location and more functions that it can help to adjust your Android apps. Overall the Player is one of the best and only Emulators that can run Marshmallow a newly Android version.

2. BlueStacks Android Emulator For PC

Have you heard about BlueStacks Emulator? In recent times, it becomes best Android emulator for windows in the market. It runs on Android (4.4) KitKat version and more upcoming versions. It has been one of the earlier on the leader of this exhaustive ‘’Android On PC’’ unheard-of. BlueStacks has turned a considerably bulging and this Emulators catch up quickly its warfare. I feel BlueStacks is a very efficient Android Emulator and I thought this article is incomplete without mentioning BlueStacks.

BlueStacks installation is too easy. It installation files are available for download on When you run and download BlueStacks on your computer and that consumes more data comes into your computers. Actually, it doesn’t show me how much data files were downloaded which takes several minutes.

Let me tell you the installation is blue screen and it covered the whole pc screens. It was fully capricious reminding of that blue screens death. And I think you will see something wrong on your Windows PC. Don’t get nervous just calm down. Actually, it’s bad design taste and it gives a bad impression, why so much data needed when you play games. Otherwise, BlueStacks is best Emulators. Also can be found by a search by “pc emulator for Android Apk”.

3. MEmu Emulator Apk

It’s a high performer along with best Android Emulator for windows. This Emulator runs on Android (5.0) Lollipop and later versions. Or it comes pre-installed with Android 4.2 Jellybean which can be upgradeable to lollipop needs downloading excessive packages.

MEmu is suitable for the Nvidia, powered by Intel inside for Windows PCs and it also suitable for AMD chipsets. At first, the time when you open MEmu Emulators then you are finding with a primitive 4 years old Android versions. And it comes with pre-loaded in Google Play store so you can download your favorite Android applications and games.

MEmu connects itself with its APK files into Windows. So you can also download its APK file anytime and it will automatically run on your computer. The app provides some different options want to connect by USB cable into PC.

MEmu supports mapping at keyboards so you can appoint particular keys to imitate touch of the specific screen areas. And it supports the full-screen mode, screen record, screen tools, a handy ‘’ kill process’’ tool, and some cool features are available. And here is a great feature ‘‘Operation Record’’ tool where you can do record touch screen action anytime. I like the compact pointer with keyboard integration in MEmu Emulators.

It runs with the older version of the Android version that can be upgraded to Android Lollipop 5.0 versions but it still 2 years old. If you can measure its great amazing features that contained in Android Nougat get to the table. And MEmu is one of the ablest Android Emulators our team has tried.

4. Nox Player Apk

Nox player is another popular and the best Android Emulator for Windows. Its generally supports Android KitKat 4.4 version and later versions of Android. And it boasts leading the performance and it has advanced features. It looks easy when someone opens it after that it will be tricky. But when you spend times with it then definitely you fall in love.

In its setting, you can also change the CPU core numbers and FPS OR the amount of RAM you wish to locate NOX. If you have consistent issues with some Android games then can switch two graphics rending modes is OpenGL and DirectX. Found in Google Play Store for Nox Player, you can install APKs.

Here you can simulate games. The ‘’ script record’’ you can play specific events on the screen and you can play them anytime. Any kind of task can be done easily on Android with these Emulators. And it comes out into a rooted version for Android and here you can play multiplayer Android games same moment. Nox Player has some of the cool features that make it one of the best emulators for Android devices.

5. AMIDuOS Apk

AMIDuOS is an amazing best Android Emulator for windows. And it comes ‘Pro’ and ‘Lite’ versions. It is developed by Megatrends (American), a Georgia-based company. Before installing DuOS, make sure yourself that Virtualisation Technology is enabled in the BIOS and you have also Microsoft Nett framework (4.0) or above.

And basically based on (5.1) Android lollipop versions and some available further options to download the Android Jellybean version. And it is not available Google Play Store but it also available Amazon Store for App. It provides some apps and games but you might not face problems because you will be able to install the APKs in AMIDuOS.

In fact, you just click on one Apk and it will give you with some options and you can directly install APK in AMIDuOS. In DuOS, it supports external hardware and GPS gamepads. Here you can set the amount for RAM that will comprise per second and DPI by hand.

One feature our team most likes its ability to run Root Mode. In here, you can run all rooting apps for android. And in these apps, there are no such keyboard mapping features so you can attach any other external gamepad.

It provides a free trial version for 30. But you will buy its full version for ₹ 958.88 only. Its full version come 5.x Android Lollipop version and you will buy its latest version for ₹ 639.15 only and it comes with Jellybean 4.2 Android version.

6. LeapDroid App

LeapDroid has popularity among its users for its best performance. Is truly amazing and very strengthful Android emulator. And it was earned by the Google previous year and in the end shut-down, now you can also quitely download LeadDroid from the alternative sources.

But makes no misconception, despite the discontinuance, and it still guides to be most powerful and fast Android emulator everywhere. The emulator is based on the Android 4.4 KitKat version. And it comes loaded with all AOSP applications
like music, browser, comers etc. its home screen gives you the alternative to download the well-known games like Pokémon GO and the Clans (COC). But it’s not it.

Actually, these emulators come with the full bear from Google’s Play Store, so now you can achieve Android applications and no running time and games up.

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These are some of the best Android emulator for windows 10/8/7 with reliable performance. No doubt at all if you try this Apps and in the form of Apk files. We would like you to recommend these emulators to others for a better enhancement experience. I tried myself and felt different at the time of using these emulators in windows. Perfectly made for windows to deliver its best service without issues. So try once to have something rare observation and let us know if like it by commenting us with your thoughts.

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