Top 20 Best Android Launcher Apps for Your Device in 2017

Are you are an Android user and get bored by the Same old launcher? Then here are some of the best Android launcher apps for your Android device. Android is one of the most popular platforms on which most of the devices run nowadays. With every new upgraded version of Android, they provide you with a different look of the launcher and some time the Smartphone provides their own UI. But using it for a long time could be boring and the device will become old for you.

Top 20 Best Android Launcher Apps for Your Device

But it is not possible for everyone to go for a new phone every time. So if you could change the existing launcher with a different one then the phone will come to life again and it will look interesting to you again. So here in this article, you will get the list of best Android Launcher 2017.

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Best Android Launcher Apps for Android:

Here are some of the best Android launcher apps that you can use on your device and these launcher apps will provide you with a new look to the user interface. You can also download this app from below. So the list of apps is as follows.

1. NOVA Launcher:

The Nova Launcher is the best launcher app that you can get for your Android device. It will provide you to get control over the customization of your Home screen where you can change the icon, applying layouts and animation effects. In Google Play Store you can get some of the amazing themes for this launcher.

android launcher apps

You can backup the new settings and Data with the restore and backup feature provided in this app. All the apps of your device are available in the app drawer of Nova launcher. The background tabs, folders icons are customizable in this app. One of the best features of this app is that it will not affect the working speed of your phone and everything will run smoothly.


2. ZENUI Launcher:

The ZenUI launcher enables you to change the appearance of the apps and themes in the way you want. Here you can change the wallpaper according to your choice and the app icon can also be customized. You will get various types of font style are available for the apps and widgets on your device.

best android launcher 2017

The app lock feature provided helps you to secure your device from getting into wrong hands. If you want to keep some apps hidden from other than you can use the ‘hide app’ feature. If is available for free and you will get in Google Play Store. So this is one of the best Android launcher app that you should use in your Smartphone.



It is another best Android Launcher app which will help you to change the user interface of your device by giving it a different and interesting look. The interface of this launcher enables you to move through different apps easily. The design of the interface is very simple and handy to use. If you scroll horizontally then it will show app list screen to screen and vertically you will get every app on the same page.

best launcher 2017

The app drawer, apps and font style can be customized through it. In it, you will also get the disable item menu when using the app drawer. So it is an amazing app that you can use in your device for a change in interface.


4. SMART Launcher 3:

It comes with a lot of features and is used by many all around the globe. You can password protect any app or can hide it, so that other persons rather than you can\not use it. Due to a simple and clear interface, many of the Smartphone users prefer to use it. All the related apps can be stored in the smart drawer.

Android Launcher Apps for Your Device

It has a flat surface detection mode that means whenever you put the phone on a flat surface the screen light will automatically go off. The notifications will be displayed on the lock screen. So you can go with this launcher by looking at its features and popularity.


5. GO Launcher Z:

It is an amazing launcher that is used by many people and when you use it that you can see the difference of using it. In it, you will get more than 10000 different themes to use with this launcher. The response of your Android device will be enhanced with the Smart app management present in it.

best android launcher apps

You can also give some animation effects in it so that it would look more beautiful. The hide feature helps you to hide any particular app from unauthorized use or you can also lock any app with a security password.


6. BUZZ Launcher:

In this launcher, you will get a wide range of cool wallpapers and many amazing themes. To change you have to touch the home screen for once only. You can give the home screen of your device different look by customizing it. In it, you can use different types of useful widgets such as weather, clock, date, etc. One of the finest features is that by using the Buzz Custom Widget you can make your own widget and this feature is absolutely free.

launcher apps for android


7. HOLA Launcher:

With this launcher, you can arrange all the apps alphabetically and the app search feature was given enables you to search a particular app quickly. You can see the most used app by swiping your finger upward from the corner. There are more than 10000 downloadable Backgrounds, themes, and fonts that you can use to change the view of the apps. The notification will be shown on the home screen and a double tap from you will lock the phone automatically.

Hola Android launcher


8. Action Launcher 3:

It has many amazing features that simply make the user of it amazing.  Here you can see the app which has been mostly used. In this launcher, you can customize the home screen by using various wallpapers and you can select the color of the wallpapers. You can see the messages of social networking sites without opening the application. So this is an application that you can use to change the look of your interface.

android launcher download


9. GOOGLE NOW Launcher:

Th9is is another launcher with easy to use and simple interface. This launcher is only available for the Android devices and runs on the devices having Android 4.1 or above. All the apps are organized alphabetically in this launcher so that you can get apps easily. App suggestions are also provided so that you can get to a particular app easily. So you can go with this app to give your Android device a new interesting look.

GOOGLE NOW Android Launcher


10. SOLO Launcher:

This launcher comes with a vast range of amazing themes and widgets. Here you can set a photo as the icon picture, The clean and boost features enables you to clean the RAM memory thus making your device faster. The search function provided helps you to search a particular app on your device quickly. There are many useful widgets available in this launcher such as search, battery saver, clock, etc.

solo android launcher


11. Everything Me:

It is another competition of great success in the Android launcher market. In this launcher, you can unleash its capabilities to  Android customization, which helps you to customize your smartphone with more flexibility. You must try this app for changing the look of your Android devices.

android launcher apps

Everything Me has some of the best features such as an upgraded and sophisticated search. It has a personalized home screen along with a context bar for insane productivity. You will also get a prediction bar, search folders and for the fastest response, you will get search phone.


12. Z Launcher:

Z Launcher is one of the coolest launchers available on the market right now. It is developed by Nokia and according to its users, it is the best Android launcher they have every used.  The main reason for its success is its smooth scrolling effect and the compatibility with any device.

z launcher app for android

It also has some of the coolest features in it such as an Alphabetical app drawer. This app has a complete gesture control and the smooth and infinite control is one of the biggest plus points of this app. Z launcher is still developing and with more updates in future, it will be more useful to us.


13. Next 3D Launcher:

Next 3D Launcher is the best 3D launcher for Android and gives an astonishing 3D effect on your SmartPhone. It is developed by the same team behind Go Launcher. It gives the uses a 3D experience, which provides them a different perspective of whenever they use their smartphones. The free version is available on the market, when you buy the premium version you will get to access more additional features.

best 3d launcher for android

In the premium version, you will get some of the coolest features such as amazing 3D effect. This app allows you to create folders in app drawers. It is easy for you to change the icons and theme through this launcher app.


14. Apus Launcher:

Apus Luncher is one of the best Android launcher products that have been introduced by Apus. Its other products are also quite good like the web browser. It is small in size and enables you to take control of the personalized home screen. It might be small in size but it doesn’t compromise with the performance it gives. Now pop up ads are there, so you will get a disturbance free launcher.

Apus launcher for android

It has straightforward and minimal animation effect.  Apus launcher will provide you with a huge collection of wallpapers that will change the look of your phone. The interface is clear with the useful notification toggle bar.


15. Lollipop Launcher:

If you are still using Android Kitkat or Jellybean, then this launcher will enable you to experience the UI of Android v5.0. Lollipop is a simple and easy to the launcher. You can try this launcher as it didn’t announce any kind of Android upgrades.

best launcher for Android Lollipop

It also comes with some of the coolest features such as it is exactly like the interface of Android Lollipop with adjustable app drawer. The okay Google voice recognition is provided with it so that you can search anything by speaking. And you could get this launcher for free of cost. It is the best launcher for Android Lollipop interface.


16. Lightning Launcher:

Lightning Launcher is the fastest Android Launcher available in the marker. The home screen can be changed with the help of this app without creating any inconvenience. Each and everything in your device can be changed with this app and your phone interface will look completely different.

fastest android launcher

In this app, you will get many themes and infinite scrolling vertically. The quick customization option will help you to change everything anything such as an app, icons, alignment, and font.


17. Themer:

This one of the best Android launcher app which will give you a fast and beautiful experience in your Smartphone without any issues. It has themes, icons, and wallpapers which will help you to change the look of your phone’s interface entirely. When you install this app then it will automatically divide everything category wise.

best android launcher apps

In it, you will get every service free of cost with more than 350 themes available. It will give you navigation and notification with high-quality wallpapers.  Your app will be distributed automatically under certain genres.


18. Aviate:

It is another best launcher apps for Android developed by Yahoo. It is among the user-friendly launcher apps that will help you to use it easily. In it, you will get similar kind of apps in particular category.

Aviate android launcher apps

The features of it are very useful, it has app drawer same as Google and the smart screen has some attractive features. One of the best features of this app is that it is fast and responsive.


19. KK:

KK Launcher is another best Android launcher app whose features are similar to Lollipop launcher. It has different transition effect, color, and icon package. With it, you can change the look of your Android phone easily.

android launcher apps

It has a customizable home screen with a lollipop, Kitkat themes are already provided. You can hide your app in the drawer without facing any problem. You will get themes both free and paid.


20. Action Launcher:

Action Launcher is another best launcher app 2017 which has tons of features to make your phone better. With it, you can customize your smartphone and give it a whole new look. you can customize your device as per your choice with the help of this Android Launcher app. You will need a Smartphone with good specifications to run this application.

Top 20 Best Android Launcher Apps for Your Device

The quick drawer and quick bar help you to store your apps easily. The quick theme option provided helps you to change your theme quickly.It will give you infinite and elastic scrolling for smooth control.


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In this post, I have mentioned some of the best Android launcher apps that you can use on your Android device. All these launchers have their own unique features and look. You will get amazed by using each one of these on your device. So make your interface look different by using these above-mentioned launchers.

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