Top 3 Best DNS Servers – Boost Internet Connection & Security

When you talk about securing an internet connection or accessing some one’s content the best DNS servers is needed. The internet service provider will provide you with a default DNS server but you have to get an Alternate DNS server for some various situation. There are some advantages of getting an alternate DNS server.

Best DNS Servers

Using an alternate DNS server will bring stability to your network. It will allow access contents of different geographical locations. If you are using an old operating system then this alternate DNS server will protect you from phishing attacks. So here in this post, I am going to mention some of the best DNS servers that you can use as an alternate.

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List of Best DNS Servers:

The DNS server is pretty much needed when it comes to accessing content in the different geographical area. And it also needed for securing someone’s internet connection, for this, you will need some of the best DNS servers. The following are the best DNS servers that you can use.

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1. Google Public DNS:

Google Public DNS is a reliable public server which comes from Google. It has been introduced by Google in December 2009 and from then it is helping users by making the web faster and securing it. It is known as the most popular and largest DNS servers in the world. By changing your IP address to and you can start using it. One of the important advantages of this Google Public DNS is that you can increase the security and will get optimised speed as Google uses Anycast routing that will find you the closest data interaction. So you can use it as an alternate server.

2. OpenDNS:

The OpenDNS will give you an extensive version that provides you enhanced control. By installing this DNS service on your device you can get a good strength of security for your network. You will get two types of DNS in OpenDNS one is personal and the other is the business.  In the home version of this DNS server, you will get parental control, enhanced speed, and phishing protection. It has enhanced security solution that is premium. The DNS version for Home based protection is free and you can get with some amazing features. You have to change your IP address to and for using this DNS server.


It is also a third party DNS service that will enable you to have fast and uncensored internet without paying anything. There is no intrusion involved in this server and all the queries you made goes directly to the right place due to its neutrality. Its uninterrupted service is going for a long time and the users of DNS. WATCH is very satisfied with it. it can be used in various devices like Windows, Linux, MAC, routers, etc. if the country you are living in does not have any neutrality and has internet censoring then DNS. Watch is very useful for your connectivity. You have to change your IP address to and for using this server on your device.  So it is an amazing alternative DNS server that you can use for more flexibility of the network that you are using.


Here I have mentioned some of the best DNS servers available, that you could use as an alternative to your default DNS server. Each of these servers has some unique features that will help get to know the difference between these servers easily. So I believe that by choosing any one of these will help you in many ways. So comment below if you had something to add regarding this article.

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