Top 12 Best File Manager Apps for Android Smartphones

A common question may arise in people’s mind that what are the other best file manager apps apart from the default one? Nowadays you didn’t have to rely on the preinstalled file manager provided by the Smartphone Company. But the preinstalled file manager didn’t perform all the task you need it to be.

So for that reason, you may have to download a third-party file manager that will be able to do some task you wanted. This file manager manages all your files and folders both on your phone memory and microSD. With the help of file manager, it becomes very easy for you to find any files you need. Every third party file manager has its unique features that make it different from other.

Top 12 Best File Manager Apps for Android

There are many files manager apps for Android which enables you to maintain your phone easily. But all these file managers are not that reliable for use for every Smartphone, some them malfunction or will hang while you do multitasking while opening it. So I have gone through with some of the file managers and come up with the best file manager apps for the Android phone, which are very much reliable and friendly to use.

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List of  Top 12 Best File Manager Apps for Android:

Here are some of the best file manager apps that you can install on your Android devices. These are all listed out after being used by our team and we have also gone through the reviews provided by other users. Below you can also download these best android file manager 2017.

1. ES File Explorer File Manager:

android file manager apk

ES Explorer is one of the best file manager apps which you can get from Google play Store. It has got some of the amazing features that will provide you with the conventional data management. This app will let you manage the files and folders efficiently. You can, manage your files remotely through FTP, SMB and cloud storage. But it has ads on it and if you want the ad-free usage then you have to get the Pro version from Google Play Store. So it the best file manager 2015-16 that you can use.


2. File Manager (File Transfer):

best android file manager 2017

It is another file manager app that has been downloaded by millions of users who gives it 4.4 rating out of 5. Here in this app, you will some of the cool features that will amaze you. It supports various widgets that make it look and manage files through it very convenient. If you want to get some of the advanced features of this app, then you got to download the pro version of the File Manager (File Transfer).


3. Astro File Manager:

best android file manager

This app is developed by the top developers and you will get from the Google play store. It has a clear and easy to use interface. You can navigate through the device’s internal storage, SD card and the search option provided helps you to find any file and folder easily on this app. So using this app will enable you to manage your files easily. So is among the best file manager apps on the market right now.


4. File Manager:

best file manager apps

This file manager is developed by Asus for Android devices and it is similar to the other apps that I have mentioned in this list. This app is very much capable of managing each and every files and folder present on your device. The files and folders may be stored in microSD card, LAN or internal memory this app can access anything. Streaming of various multimedia forms any cloud storage supported by this app. You can compress any file to RAR and Zip file format with this app.


5. File Command – File Manager:

best file manager apps

The file command is one of the best file managers for your Android device. It will keep your files and folders organized. You can secure the files and folders by encrypting them and can even hide them for other unauthorized users. You can run this app on Android 4.0 and above and the users of this app have rated it 4.2 out of 5 stars. It has a simple and easy to use interface making it accessible for everyone. So it a must try the managing application for you.


6. Super File Manager (Explorer):

best file manager apps

Super file manager is another that made our list with the new updates that were recently released by it has a new interface with a very handy management features. A new feature is added to it that allows you to transfer files between IOS, Windows, and Android. The interface is clear and you can use it without facing any kind of problem. So due to its features, it has made our list of top file manager for Android.


7. File Manager- Storage Explorer:

best file manager apps

This file manager runs on a huge range of Android devices and has the capability of handling all the files and folders on your device no matter in which are they are stored. With this managing app, you can compress and decompress any file such as RAR, Zip, Tar, Tar.gz, Tbz, etc. The interface of this app is clear and handy to use, you can find, delete, cut, paste, copy and can do other task using this managing application.


8. Total Commander-File Manager:

best android file manager no ads

This app enables you to get complete command over the files and folders on your Android device. This is an ad-free application and you will not receive any kind of irritating ads during your work. You will get all the tools that you can use for file management. You will get an inbuilt text editor, a media player that enables you to play media via online streaming. Over 30 different languages are supported by this amazing file management app. So you can go with this best android file manager no ads.


9. X-Plore File Manager:

best android file manager 2017

It is not only a file manager but also a pane file explorer that gives you complete control over your files and folder. With this app, you can execute different other tasks such as app management, hex viewer, PDF file viewer and completely configurable buttons and shortcuts. The shared files on your Android device can also be accessed by this application. The easy to use interface helps us to use this app for managing without facing any problem.


10. File Expert-File Manager:

best file manager apps

With this app, you will get complete access to all the files and folders stored on your device. Then you can explore and find the files that you are searching for on your Android device. You can also sort the files and folders by the last modified dates or can find it alphabetic wise. Inbuilt support for USB is provided in this app so that you can transfer files and folders easily. With all this feature it has made to our list of best file manager apps at the number of 10.


11. Amaze File Manager:

best android file manager 2015

It is a new app that has made our list and is a good completion as a file manager for the other apps present in the list.  With this app, you can manage all the files and folders in your device without facing any problem SMB file sharing, Material design, and an inbuilt app manager, root explorer is some of the features of this amazing application. You can download it for free and has some in-app purchases for a better experience of its use.


12. MK Explorer:

best file manager apps

It is also new in the market and has impressed everyone by its amazing features. This app has a material design interface and has some of the common features such as delete, copy, paste,  SD card and runs on devices with Android 5.0 or more. It supports the language of 20 different types and has an inbuilt media player, text editor, and gallery. But one of the drawbacks is that it does not have any network storage and cloud storage feature.


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All the above-mentioned are the best files managing apps for controlling the files and folders of your Android device. All the apps that I have mentioned are free to download but to get more facilities you may need to upgrade to the premium version or get some in-app purchases. So you may like anyone of these after using, so install these apps and use it on your Android devices.





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