Top 9 Best Free Recharge Applications For Android Users

If you are getting ready to read my article! And do you search for the best free recharge applications for Android Smartphone? So, on this page, I will show you some best free recharge applications that you can use. In recent days we have many recharge application from various developers. But sometimes with their big brand names also the service is not that much satisfying.
Best Free Recharge Applications For AndroidWhen you search for any recharge app then the Google Play Store is flooded with it. There are few recharge apps those are a little bit similar in features. In previous time we go to the bank and send amounts of money to our friends and family or loved once and in present time we use some recharge applications, we can transfer amounts of money anywhere anytime just using the internet. In this article, I will provide you some best applications that can help you and these apps are not fake so don’t worry.

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Top 9 Best Free Recharge Applications For Android:

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1. Slide:

Download Slide

The slide is one of the best Best Free Recharge Applications For Android. When you register of this application and put your OTP code then it will give you ₹5 as a bonus for signing up its account. Then you can earn ₹10 for each successful transaction. With this app, you can earn money for Paytm and Free Charge. If you discriminate that Slide app is a fake app and it does not give you money then kindly you can search people reviews on Google Play Store.  So please don’t worry it is much-trusted applications. I personally use these applications so that’s why I refer you this app. In Google Play Store its latest version 1.6.3 are available. Below I will give you its link.

2. Amulyam:

Download Amulyam

Amulyam is a very old venerable app but it updates in meager of time. When you install or register they will give you ₹10-₹30 bonus and now they have elaborated their database. Millions of people have installed Amulyam Application on any Android Smartphone. Using this app you can also earn good amount of money and they provide you some apps you can get money or coupons. But when you invite other to download it then instantly you can get ₹10 for every installation and if your friend earns ₹100 then you can also earn ₹50.That’s why it is the highest and coolest applications that can give you earn too many money. So, you can download this app today and start earning and get free unlimited talk time. In Google Play Store its latest version 3.1.9 is available and rating is 4.0.

3. mCent:

Download mCent

mCent is the best and earliest free recharge applications. Using these apps you could earn up to ₹10,000. These applications also provide you or refer you some app and per app offers you ₹2-₹10.  At one time it offered ₹700 for each referral and from that time to this time it gives or offers more money.

It means that when you refer to your friends and he or she can download it through the referral code or link then you can get ₹40 rupees. HA HA HA  it is amazing. Now I will show you how you can get money for using this app. First, you can download mCent and sing up and then you can click earn and referral code now you can see your referral code and send it to your friends and families. At any time when they download the mCent app and sing up with the referral code then instantly, you will be credited with ₹40.

4. Task Bucks:

Download Task Bucks

It is one of the best applications for Android users to get free recharges. Task Bucks has one amazing feature that will help you to exchange your earning money as your Paytm Cash. And it means you can get free Paytm money by using it. With this app, you can also exchange your point in recharge. Task Bucks is a new application that can give you ₹25 Paytm cash per referral. You can download and sing up and send the referral code to your family and friends. If they can sign up with your referral code then you can credit ₹25 for every sign-up.

5. True Balance:

Download True Balance

True Balance has recently arrived app on Google Play Store. It is created by Balance Hero Developers. It also offers you free recharge and money, when you download it. You can take it one of the Best Free Recharge Applications For Android. This app has one great feature that is loved by all its users that True Balance a shows your SIM cards balance on your Smartphone notification bar. When you use this app then you don’t have to dial USSD code to check the main balance of your phone. In Google Play Store its latest version 2.42.12 are available and users are up to 10 million. Below I will give you its link. That’s why it is an amazing app, what you think? And it also provides you some apps when you download those apps then you also earned money or balance or talk time.

 6. Freecharge:

Download Freecharge

I tell you something about this app that it is not free recharge app. But this is a great and amazing app because when you use this app you can refer to many referral codes that can help you to buy anything with less price. In this app, you can transfer money or recharge your family and friends mobile. I think you also know that Freecharge is one of the trusted recharge applications. Freecharge is Indian recharge website. So don’t worry that it doesn’t give you, your referral code. Your earning money would join automatically in several seconds. 10 million people are using it and its rated 4.3 stars. In Google Play Store their 8.1.3 is attainable.

7. Earn Talktime:

Download Earn Talktime

I think there is nothing to discuss this app. You could directly understand this app by its name. Yah! This app will help you to earn much talk time. Earn Talk time app is one of the best apps that can give free talk time on your Smartphone. And this app also provides you many apps from where you can get free talk time. And every app gives you ₹10-₹100; some apps that give you also ₹100+ talk time. So when you download these apps than you can also earn talks time to recharge your mobile.

8. Daily Hunt:

Download Daily Hunt

This is a great application actually Daily Hunt is a news hunt application. I think you can already know or heard about these applications. It also gives you latest news and it updates news too fast so you can see everyday news in your Smartphone. Daily Hunt app has different languages. So you can go through the newspapers in your language. And nowadays it provides earn and refers that can help you to free talk time on your Smartphone. In these apps, you can earn ₹10 for each successful referral. Using these apps you can earn ₹300 by when you can refer its code to your friends and when they can put your referral code. So you can take it as Best Free Recharge Applications For Android.

9. CashNinja:

Download Cash Ninja

Are you trying CashNinja app on your Smartphone for find free recharge? If your answer is no then just now you can download it. And I think you can also see it on Google Play Store. CashNinja is one of the best free recharge application for all Android Smartphones. And now I will tell you it’s one of the best features that can have made famous. This app doesn’t provide to download others apps to earn money or point.  In this app give you to playing puzzles when you can complete or win puzzles then it gives you point. That’s why it is a cool app for you. And now let’s try it.

Best Free Recharge Applications For Android – Conclusion:

Now guys in this article I have mention some apps, and these apps are one of the best Freecharge apps in 2017. If you love or interested to use these apps then you can download the above-mentioned Best Free Recharge Applications For Android. And all these apps are highest paying free recharge application. This all application I could personally download and tried it to earning free recharge or free talk time. If you have any question related to this article then you can comment below.


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