Top 6 Best Offline Music App – Apps To Listen Music Without Internet

Are you searching for the right music app for your Android device so that you can use it without the internet connection? So without spending more time on the internet, go through this post and get Best Offline Music App.

Listening to songs or music is a very relaxing thing,  you can enjoy moments by listening to songs. It is a type of art for all the music lovers and people even prefer to listen to music while studying or working. It gives you more concentration during work or studying. But it is not possible for everyone to connect their device to the internet every time to listen to some of their favorite music. So for that, you could use some of the best app to listen to music without wifi or data that can let you listen to songs while you are offline.

Best Offline Music App

You may be a fan of old music or new music and if you are thinking to store a huge collection of good songs on your memory card then that might not be a good idea. Rather you can use some offline music apps or cache music apps which will let you stream online music anywhere anytime. Below you will find out the list of music apps that don’t need wifi to listen to music.

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List of Best Offline Music App:

Listening to music through different apps online creates some problem sometimes due to low speed or bad internet connection. And for listening to music without facing these problems there are some offline apps that can help you.

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1. iHeartRadio:

It is one of the Best Offline Music App that is available on all the leading platforms such as Android, IOS, and Windows. It will enable you to get connected to 800 radio stations that are established in all over the US. This app lets its users make a custom station built by artist, songs, genres, and bands.

music apps that don't need wifi to listen to music

Download iHeart Radio

This app hosts latest releases that will be very suitable for you. This app claims that it has songs more than 400000 artists and 1000 plus of stations streaming live music. The database of this app is regularly updated so that you could listen to the latest release.  It is better for you to start listening to it today.

2. Slacker Radio:

This is also another popular app through which you can stream music. In this app, you can also play offline music without connecting your device to the internet. The user interface of this app is very handy and makes it easy to find your favorite songs. In this app, you can also create a custom station, unlike iHeartRadio.

app to listen to music without wifi or data

Download Slacker Radio

You will get this application for all leading OS and it also provides you to subscribe to millions of songs and also gives you access to the 100 music stations on the web, mobile, consumer electronics and car entertainment. Only you have to open the app and go to the genres or artist for listening to your favorite song.

3. Pandora:

When you are discussing best offline music app then you cannot miss out Pandora. If you are searching for some latest trending music stations, where you can listen to your favorite music offline then Pandora is the right choice for you. It is one of the best offline music app in the world that can stream music without any internet connection.

music apps that don't need wifi to listen to music

Download Pandora

In it, you will get a huge collection of music from different artist and bands but compared to other apps you can play less number of songs offline in Pandora. But in the case of features, no app can beat it in that race. You can use this app as an alarm clock that will wake you up by playing your favorite music. This app will also help you to create your custom based radio station.

4. SoundCloud:

The giant library of music is the Soundcloud app and all types of singers and musicians have uploaded their mixes and soundtracks in this app. It is one of the best music app that doesn’t use data or wifi. It also hosts a huge amount of music and songs in its database. Only you have to register in their app to get full access for listening to their music and songs.

apps that let you listen to music without wifi

Download SoundCloud

Here in this best offline music app the artist or user could create a custom based playlist of favorite songs by interacting with Soundcloud. It is available for everyone to upload their own song or music in this platform. So anyone’s voice or music could reach the world through this app.

5. Spotify:

This is another popular music streaming app that is available on all the leading platforms like Android, IOS, windows, etc. In it, you will get a huge collection of music or songs from various genres or artists and you will also get the BBC’s playlist service. You can get to 20 million songs daily and that’s a huge number.  The privacy in this application is more reliable than other music streaming apps of these genres.

music app that doesn't use data or wifi

Download Spotify

When you get connected to any social networking site while listening to music in it, then it will show everyone which music you are listening. If you want to use freely on your desktop and want to get access to your mobile then you have to pay some charges. So it is also a good app for listening to music offline.

6. Deezer:

It is also a very popular app for listening to music via online or offline streaming. This app is available on both Android and IOS platforms. With the search option provided in this app, you can search any of your favorite songs easily.

free music download for offline listening

Download Deezer

This app has a huge collection of songs and music in it which enables you to create an endless playlist with your favorite albums, songs, and Mp3 songs. Every song in this app is organized in different category and genres so that you can get to the song quickly. It will also provide you with the lyrics of the song you are playing.

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The above-mentioned are the Best offline Music app where you can get to play your favorite songs offline. These music apps also come with some amazing features, that will let you do some more stuff rather than just listening to songs through this apps. So you can go with each of this application and experience their features individually.

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