Top 5 Best Recharge App for Indian Smartphone Users

Though India has not fully recovered from demonetization. You could try some the best recharge app that can help you out. With this apps, you can do easy transactions and pay various bills from your home. There is some mobile recharge app with commission and some are without, but both will help you to recharge and do other transactions.

Top 5 Best Recharge Apps for Indian Smartphone Users

Demonetization enhances the rate of digital transaction throughout the nation and the Modi Govt. urges for cashless transactions. So it is important for people of India to get used to with various modes of the cashless transaction. In this situation, various mobile applications for mobile, DTH recharge get a huge attention and in this review, we will discuss the best online mobile recharge applications for Indian citizens. One the of the major problems that these apps will solve is the problem of black money. No one can do anything illegal because the money is directly paid to their account.

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Top 5 Recharge App:

These following applications are best online mobile recharge applications as they are easy to operate and possess various useful features. These features will help you to do every transaction easily.

1. Paytm:

mobile recharge online

Paytm comes with many useful features like the recharge for mobile, DTH, Broadband, Datacard, Landline etc. along with Paytm wallet and shopping offers. You can easily add money to your Paytm wallet and then can use the money for various cashless transactions even to pay the app-based cab services.

2. Freecharge:

free charge app download

In India, freecharge is now one of the best applications for recharge in India. By simply creating an account in Freecharge you can easily use it to recharge your mobile or DTH or data card. Sometimes it gives attractive offers to its users which helped it to grab more attention in India. After demonetization, it becomes one of the best mobile recharge online applications in India. So you can go with free charge app download to do easy transactions.

3. State Bank Buddy:

mobile recharge app offers

After closely observing the problems of Indian people State bank of India enters into the business of app-based mobile recharge by introducing State bank buddy. By logging in into this app you have to add money to the wallet using net banking or debit card. Then you can use this money to recharge your mobile or DTH or even to fund transfer or to buy movie tickets. Now a day it emerges as one of the best mobile recharge apps in India.

4. Mobikwik:

my recharge app download

It is another best online mobile recharge app and it also has wallet facility which allows you to use it in fund transfer or fund accept. It also allows you to pay bills of various utility from electricity to gas line. This app provides some coupons and offers to its users. It is available for all the leading platforms and the user interface is very easy to use.

5. Pockets:

mobile recharge app with commission

It belongs to ICICI bank and gets the attention of the Indian users for its various user-friendly features. Pockets come with UPI, NFC and QR code-based payments and using this app you can shop anywhere as well as pay anyone. This mobile recharge app offers the facility to pay bills for your various household utility and also to recharge mobile or DTH.

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By closely monitoring the current problems of Indian citizens it has recommended for all Indian Android users to use these best mobile recharge applications. As these apps will help us to avoid the problems we are facing due to the after effects of demonetization. As most of our household utility bills were paid Cash notes. So you will find difficulty in paying the bills or to recharge your mobile or DTH. To solve these types of problems as well as to save your time you have to increase the use these recharge app. These best mobile recharge app are easy to use and they can be handled by people of all generations.

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