Top 7 Best Sites to Learn Photoshop Anywhere Anytime

Do you want to learn Photoshop? Then you can learn it by sitting at home. In this page, you will get to know the Best Sites to Learn Photoshop online.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo editing software’s in the world right now. But everyone remembers the first time they opened it up that it is not that much easy to work with. There are various tricks and features of this amazing software through which you will be able to do some impossible stuff with the photos and pictures. So you need to learn how to use this software and also get to know various sections and tools of it before you go for the editing.

Best Sites to Learn Photoshop

Here in this post, I am going to show you various sites where you can learn photoshop easily. In these eLearning sites, you will get to know the step by step process of using the Photoshop website. So below you will get the list of sites with some details.

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List of Best sites to learn Photoshop:

Photoshop is an amazing software but it is not that much easy to use. To use this software to its maximum potential you have to learn it. So below is the list of sites that will teach you Photoshop online rather joining Photoshop training courses.

1. Lynda:


Lynda one of the best e-learning sites where you can learn using Photoshop but this is not free. It is well worth the price starting at just $25 per month. Here you will get over 290 courses of Photoshop and you will get around 17000 video tutorials. In this, you can fine tune your education on Photoshop by learning it from the base and know the utilization of some of the tools. And in this site, you will get the training exactly from the base.

2. Kelby One:

Kelby One

Kelby One is very similar to Lynda and is another premium site that you can choose for learning Photoshop. In this site, you will navigate through the subjects and choose the tutorials that you want to learn from of your own. The things you want to learn you can only choose those only skipping the other unwanted stuff. They will provide you with the details of what you are going to learn here. So it is one of the Best Sites to Learn Photoshop.

3. Phlearn:


The unique tutorials that you will find while going through the site are amazing. Here you will learn about various tools and special effects that can be used to make a photograph very much different from the original. By watching random tutorials on the internet you can’t learn that much of Photoshop that you can learn on this website. By learning from this website Photoshop will come handy to you. So PHLearn is the best online Photoshop class available.

4. Creative Live:

Creative Live

One of the best things of Creative Live is that they give people what they want to see and also provide them with a stage. It constantly changes their broadcast so that people could see something new when every they go through their site. On the left column of the site you will get all the categories and according to your choice, you can choose what you want to look for learning. The calendar provided you can see which tutorial is coming next so that you can learn from it.

5. Sleeklens:


On the internet, Sleeklens is the one best place for the best Adobe Lightroom preset. Here you will get well crafted and professional Lightroom preset, which will help you develop the quality of your photography to a higher level.

6. Adobe TV:

Adobe TV

Adobe TV is a site on the Internet where you can learn Photoshop easily. It is a site developed by the makers of the Photoshop software who provide you with some of the efficient and quality video tutorials. One of the best things about this site is that it is free to access and the tutorials are also very easy. You will get this videos category wise in highly rated, most viewed etc.

7. Photoshop Cafe:

Photoshop Cafe

In Photoshop Cafe you will get all the useful tutorials related to Photoshop learning. Each tutorial is free and has quality content in it. The guide is available in PDF format so that you can print it whenever you need to look at it. The guides are divided category wise into photo effect, retouch and basic.

Free Photoshop Tutorial Sites:

Before these sites were available, we used other tutorial sites to learn Photoshop basics. These above-written sources are the places where you can learn. But you can go through Google to find other sites for learning photoshop.

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The above written is the best sites to learn Photoshop and on these sites, you will learn the basics. So if you want to learn then you could visit these sites and learn how to use it. Some of these sites are premium and some are free.

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