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The full form of the VPN is Virtual Private Network and it secures your network in a different identity. If you are using Chrome browser then to secure your network you can use the Best VPN for Chrome because it will help you to hide your IP address and encrypt your internet connection.

Best VPN for Chrome

People use the various types of VPN extensions for their Chrome Browser to access the blocked sites. Before using the various type of VPN you have to know if you select the correct VPN for the network. If not then you could blow up your cover to the Government official or hackers. This article will help you to choose the best VPN for your network.

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How Best VPN for Chrome Works:

VPN works to hide IP address for your network but it also hides your identity from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Your activity on the internet is recorded by the Internet Service Provider. The ISP will allow you to open some of the websites with viewable content and will block those with unsuitable content.

VPN increases the protection of your network from mass surveillance. VPN increase your network security and keep you anonymous. It might not work with the some of the best surveillance in the world.

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List of Top 8 Best VPN for Chrome:

Below is the list of Best VPN for Chrome which will secure your network from Government, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Hackers.

1. DotVPN Chrome Extension:

The DotVPN is the Best VPN for your Chrome Brower, it is available in two version for Chrome. One is paid version and another is the free version. The Internet users are common they will love the free version of DotVPN because it also offers them to unlock sites and surpass online security. When you install the free version then it will provide you with their unlimited data usage with a cloud firewall protection. If you paid for extra facilities in DotVPN extension then you get the premium version.

Download DotVPN Chrome Extension

2. Hola VPN:

It is one of the popular free version of Chrome VPN and is used securing your network. The Hola VPN is provided with the various location on the server and it will not affect on your internet connection. Hola VPN is one of the best VPN for you if you want more unlocking site concern.

Download Hola VPN


Everyone likes the GOM VPN. Because it is known to be the easiest process for Chrome extension. If you secure your online internet connection at privacy mode in one click it will possible only with GOM VPN and for you, the GOM VPN unlock more sites. So for the best services, you must use the GOM VPN as your Chrome extension or Chrome Browser.

Download GOM VPN

4. SurfEasy VPN:

Some people need a premium version of VPN then they can use the SurfEasy VPN. It offers internet connection limit around 1.10 GB if you pay for monthly $6.49. And you can share the SurfEasy VPN with your friends then you get extra 500 MB for free and that’s why you don’t need to pay for SurfEasy VPN. So the free service is providing you with some additional benefits.

Download SurfEasy VPN

5. Betternet Unlimited:

Betternet Unlimited is very important VPN and many people are using this VPN. First, you have to get registered and then provide some details and the service is on but the Betternet Unlimited service doesn’t have anything for you. This service provides you two server locations. One is the USA and another is the United Kingdom. For this free services, you can get some benefits by using this extension.

Download Betternet Unlimited

6. TunnelBear VPN:

The TunnelBear is a very popular VPN. This VPN can be used on Chrome Browser as an extension. With this VPN you can get monthly 500 MB data usage for registering with the free version and in the premium version yearly you can get $4.16 small plan and the big plan is $7.99. If you have used this services then first you have to register for the free version and when you need the unlimited data usage you can go with the premium version. If you pay for the premium version then you will get all the available servers and unlimited internet connection on your network.

Download TunnelBear VPN

7. Zenmate VPN:

For your network, Zenmate VPN is the best VPN and free extension. Pro solution provided by it. USA, Germany, Hong Kong, and Romania are the 4 server location. You can access it only when you log in on Zenmate VPN. It does not affect your internet speed and is one of the best things in Zemate VPN. You get some amazing features in Zenmate VPN when you will upgrade to the premium version. It will give protection to your browser from Tracking and malware.

Download Zenmate VPN

8. HotSpot Hield VPN:

Anybody can use the HotSpot Hield VPN on Chrome browser. It is popular for the free version. 9 server location can be used with it and data usage with HotSpot Heild will be without any restriction. If you are satisfied with the free version then you can continue the free plan of HotSpot Hield VPN but if you are not satisfied then you can use the premium version. You pay yearly $29.95 for the premium plan. You get customer support, free browsing and malware blocking from the premium plan. And you can use it on various type of devices.

Download HotSpot Hield VPN


Best VPN for Chrome is mostly needed by people for accessing various blocked websites. So the above-mentioned VPN will help you to access the website but might not work with some surveillance. So use these extensions and feel free to visit any website on the internet.

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