How to Create Template in WordPress Tutorial – Best Way to Built Website

How to Create Template in WordPress Tutorial is not big deal but you must know the correct way to do it. WordPress allows to create many templates for better suitability for your website.How to Create Template in WordPress TutorialThis gives new interface to sites with different layouts and as well as designs. Even becomes more convenient for web clients to interact for their specific searches. Overall, template brings the most outstanding designs to customise your websites in WordPress. So, in the post i will help you with some easy steps so could create templates by yourself.

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What is Template in WordPress:

A WordPress theme generates a template which is an important part of a web page. Templates could be covered by each other. WordPress approves users to accumulate as much as they will like. As you know that themes are the face of a website but templates are the soul that makes a webpage look better according to its content. So creating a content is very important to make your website look good and for that below is the specified tutorial to create a healthy website for you.

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How to Create Template in WordPress Tutorial – Advantages:

There are various advantages template in WordPress but i will discuss only few major benefits to create template in wordpress tutorial.


The fact is when you work with a website framework its becomes so easier to create a beautiful effective website. But will cost you in same time and there is a great advantage for the website developers and designers. so, don’t have to worry much as the template has been already developed and designed for users to use. And there is a huge cost that will interact you to bypass into free purchase. This process makes convenient for the small start-up business within a minimum budget to get attractive and potential websites for the users.


With the help of Template website design you can save your many precious time. Developing and designing a website takes a week or maybe month but with a template you can completely design your site in a few minutes.

How to Create Template in WordPress Tutorial – Steps:

To create template first you will need a text editor. The users of Microsoft Windows, they can go through the available process at Notepad. If you are not using the MS Windows then will require other text editing systems like as a FileZilla or Dreamweaver and the following steps will guide you on how to create Template in WordPress step by step.

Step – 1

Go to the text editor.

Step – 2

Fill the blank field with the line of code, and the code is <?php/*
Template Name: CustomLayout01 */ ?>

Step – 3

For the file, this line is the necessary part. For a Template file of a WordPress is most relevant that informs and viewed as the “CustomLayout01”. Actually, you can select a name for a Template file. But before you create just sure that the file will identify for rename.

Step – 4

You will save the Template file on your desktop as customlayout01.php. After saving the file you have to be sure that the “php” extension exist in the same place. You can give a name to the Template file and which later will be more helpful for you to find that the file very easily.

Step – 5

Go to the FTP client software and that is FileZilla.

Step – 6

Open the directory, “/wp-content/themes/”.

Step – 7

You will find your theme folder which you currently use then go to the directory.

Step – 8

Now, create .php file in your theme folder to use.

Step – 9

Complete your upload and exit your cPanel or FTP program. Now log into admin panel in WordPress.

Step – 10

Create a new page or edit the file you have saved.

Step – 11

With a drop-down, label the window and the wordpress page attributes template with a new function.

Step – 12

Finally, click on the “Publish” or “Update” key on your screen to complete the task.


The post is all about on how to create template in wordpress tutorial. If you wish to create a website for various purposes such as business, institution, company portfolio and many more. Above i have discussed to create template in very easy steps which you can follow to get a authentic website according your desire. If further face any issues regarding the topic please feel free to comment in the below section.

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