How To Create Zip File Online – Features Along With Convenient Steps

Make your files or documents into compressed formats. For all these, you need to create zip file online. The zip brings you one or more than that files or even including directories in it. Create Zip File OnlineAlthough it takes less memory which is safe to keep in flash drives or any other storage modes. Its portable and suitable to share and send to others. It contains several file extensions into different types.

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Create Zip File Online – Features:

The zip file is useful for every user who wishes to have relevant documents or files which contains valuable information. Helps to create zip multiple files online for songs, movies or videos also in a convenient way. Some most important features are noticeable for having the zip file are below mentioned.

  • Zip files consume less memory.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Portable to keep files.
  • Safe and secure to carry.
  • Compresses all your files and documents into archive way.
  • Fast and reliable format to use.
  • Send or share with others.

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How To Create Zip File Online?

It is very simple and easy to do so. You can create zip file in online which is free of cost. There are many zip formats available to convert folder to zip online free services in providing different zip files with various formats depending upon usage. Creating any such zip file genuinely easiest task if you follow the steps-

  • Run your browser at online and search for “Zip File Online”.
  • Visit the sites like files2zip,, ezyzip and more available sites.
  • Click on any of the sites mentioned above this lines for creating zip files.
  • Choose your files or documents from where you have stored at a computer.
  • Some website allows to make or create zip files by providing urls from online.
  • Just select any of your desired files to convert into zip files into the format.
  • Select files to create such as video, audio, data, documents, pdf etc.
  • Now, choose the format like RAR into ZIP, ISO file, TAR.GZ file into zip format on which you wish to create a file.
  • Then click on the button to “convert zip files” in order to finish the job for create zip file online.
  • Wait for few seconds and stay calm until its complete.
  • Once the file compressed then save them on your disk or storage.
  • Provide the name for that file or the document before saving.
  • At last, click to save the “zip file” on a computer.
  • You could also save these compressed files on cloud storage such as in your email accounts Google Drive or DropBox.
  • And even more, these site offers to reduce zip file size.

After all done you could send the files to friends or officials and even more to share with others whether it’s online or offline both respectively.

At online, there are sites which also provides services to compress zip file smaller online and unzip files from zip formats.


Store your important files online zip into zip form to avoid malicious threats. It keeps safe to your files and documents into easy movable modes for easiest uses. Well, above is all about on create zip file online process to ensure your best experience. Try the steps to create a secured zip file with good manner. If you have any sort of query for making zip file compressor at online then don’t forget to comment us below.

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