How To Delete WhatsApp Photos – With App Without App

WhatsApp is one of the most used and popular instant messaging services available. With it, you can send various types of documents, music, video, and photos. And many times the storage space of our Smartphone gets full with the photos and videos sent by our friends. Though most photos are pranks images or funny postures they are useless and you didn’t want to keep them in your phone by giving up some precious space. So here in this post, I am going to show you the process of How to Delete WhatsApp photos.

How To Delete WhatsApp Photos

These useless photos and videos create one of the biggest problems is by eating up the storage space of your device. For it sometimes you didn’t get to store some important files and folders. And the contacts that are sending these funny images, you can’t block them either. So by deleting these photos is useless and time-consuming. So below I will show you the process to delete these photos automatically.

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Why Delete WhatsApp Photos?

WhatsApp is the most popular app used by people all over the world and people use to send various documents, music, Photos, videos and other multimedia through it. Some of these items send by WhatsApp are useful and some are useless. Useless in the sense that you can do anything with this Photos or videos, the only thing these photos and videos do is they occupy the storage space in you your phone memory.

And due to this, you can’t store other valuable things on your Phone. So it is better to delete these photos and videos and free up some space of your device. And it is not possible for someone to delete every photo one by one because when people send these photos they send a lot. So there are some techniques through which you can know how to delete WhatsApp Photos.

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How to Delete WhatsApp Photos:

The Android magic cleaner for WhatsApp is the best tool, which allows you to scan the folder of your WhatsApp. And after the scan is complete it will detect all the useless photos, videos, and other things and delete it from your folders automatically. This is an amazing app which separates the junk images from the use once and deletes them with the single tap of your finger.

One of the important features of this app is that it can automatically analyze all the junk images from the WhatsApp folder. One of the things is that you will need an internet connection so that the images are sent to the cloud server for analysis. It will take only 8.5 MB space in your storage area. This app will need 4.0.3 or above versions to run it. The users of this app are very much satisfied with it and they give it a 4.4-star rating.

To take the benefits of this tool you have to download it first on your device. So the following are the process to download this app on your Android device.

  • First, go to Google Play Store and search for this app.
  • Then tap on the icon of this app among the searched result.
  • Tap on the download button to download this app.
  • It will take few seconds to download and then it will be automatically get installed on your device.

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How to use Magic Cleaner:

You have to know the steps to use this app so that you can clean the useless photos that are eating up your storage space. So the following are the steps to learn how to use it.

  • Open the app and tap on the next button and then again tap on it.
  • Then tap on the show me button and then the start button to analyze the button. Then it will notice the scrap photos automatically. it may take few seconds to find junk images on your Android phone.
  • Tap on the delete button after the scan is complete to delete all the junk files found on your device.
  • Now you can use it every time get rid of the useless photos.

If you want to manually delete all the photos without using this app then go to the gallery of the Android device. There you have to find the section carrying the photos of WhatsApp and tap on it and then select all the photos at once or you can select particular photos manually to delete them. It is time-consuming but without the app, it is the only process available.


The above written is the process through which you can delete WhatsApp Photos. By following this method you didn’t have to worry about the useless photos occupying the space of your device memory. So use it and save memory.

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