How To Detect Invisible Yahoo Messenger Users – Top Six Tools

Are you looking for the best way to detect invisible yahoo messenger users? Or how to know if someone is invisible on yahoo messenger? Then obviously in this post, you will gain the solution to this major issue. If your Yahoo Messenger friends do not want to text or talk for that reason then they can get invisible for you. I don’t think they have any other reason to be invisible to you. Some people need to know who can avoid them on their Yahoo Messenger. But the main problem is that 99% websites are not working to detect invisible Yahoo Messenger users.

Detect Invisible Yahoo Messenger UsersThose websites only tell you who is online or offline but those websites are not worried out about the fact that you are invisible or not. For that below, I have given you a list of some websites which will help you to detect invisible Yahoo Messenger users. I have used the 11.5 version of Yahoo Messenger and it is working amazingly on my device but if you are using another version of Yahoo Messenger then I am not sure that it properly works or not. Hopefully, those websites will work on your device same as my device.

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Features of Yahoo Messenger:

ym invisible trackerBefore using the mentionable websites you have to know some features of Yahoo Messenger so that you can know very well about this amazing messenger app.


Who will go offline and who will come on your messenger list, and when an upcoming event will show on your calendar and when you can receive a mail, and when you can also receive an IM then the Alerts option will remind you. Below is the process to set alerts option on your Yahoo Messenger:

  • Open your Yahoo Messenger and go to the “Menu” bar and choose “Preferences” option. Now click the “Alerts” option and choose the “Enable Alerts Sounds” button.
  • Now select alert by using Event menu.
  • You need to alert which event just select the type of the event. After selecting the event there will be a sound from the menu bar.
  • Now click on the finish button.


You can confirm your security and privacy by ignoring unnecessary contacts by using the stealth settings. Stealth settings are allowed to appear some offline contacts and other online contacts. By clicking on the contacts or group name you can set this. Choose the “Stealth Settings” and select one of the following options offline, permanently offline, or online. Just tap on “OK” button for finish this. From single contact, you have to block up to 100 messages by ignoring them. For them, you will always appear offline. Although firstly, on your Yahoo Messenger list you have to delete all contact. Below are the process how can you ignore or block someone:

  • Open the Yahoo Messenger and go to the “Menu” bar. Choose “Preferences” option and click on the “Ignore List” button. Now select the option of “Ignore only by the people below”.
  • Tap on the “Add” button and add the person you need to ignore by just put on his/her Yahoo ID.
  • Now click on the “Ignore” option and after clicking press on the “OK” button for the finish.
  • To the later, if you want to stop ignoring your friends, just enter your friend’s contact ID and tap on the “Remove” option.


Themed of IM window backgrounds like as audibles, IMVironments, and avatars will help you to make Yahoo Messenger own. Avatar is a figure and it will help you to personalize by changing the clothes, physical appearance, backgrounds, and accessories. And after that, it will show your icon on your Yahoo Messenger.

To customize and create Avatar, just open the official website of Yahoo Messenger or enter Below are the steps for display IMs and Messenger list of Avatar.

  • Open Yahoo Messenger menu and select the “Preferences” option.
  • After selecting click the “Display Image” button and after that for a show,  just click on the avatar box.
  • Now select the “Enable display images everywhere” option for seeing your avatars and pictures on your contact.

Audibles are an animation figure and through by this, you can send IM for more jokes or comments. For access audibles, Click on the icon where will show a “lips icon” button. Which you want to send just select this and click on the “Send Button” option. Now click on the “More Audibles” button for see all them.

How to detect invisible Yahoo Messenger users:

Below you can get 6 websites which will help you to detect invisible Yahoo Messenger users. How to know if someone is online on yahoo messenger? Don’t worry below mentionable websites will help to solve your this issue also.

Detect Invisible:


how to know if someone is invisible on yahoo messenger

It is one of the best ym invisible tracker by using this Detect Invisible website will help you to know. Which person will online on your Yahoo Messenger. This website also uses to access quickly and find the status of your Yahoo messenger friends or any users. This website will save your friend list that who will check your status recently.

How to know if someone is online on yahoo messenger

This website is the same as Detect Invisible and one of the popular Yahoo ID detector. You will just put on the Yahoo ID of your friend and click press button. You can get the result instantly that your friend has online or not.


yahoo id detector

MySpytool is the different website from the other detecting tools. If you need to sign up on this website then you can sign up, because it is too easy to sign up. You don’t go ahead without ignoring any confirmation process. By entering Yahoo ID of your friend you can see the user status.

Worth reading:

  • The Worth reading website will give the complete list of Hidden Emoticons of Yahoo.
  • For the android version, Yahoo will be launch Messenger and Mail Applications.


How to know if someone is online on yahoo messenger

Invisible-Scanner is the similar website of the above mentionable websites. It does not require any sign in or registration or not with your Yahoo ID to check your friends online or not you just enter your friends Yahoo ID. Unlike Detect Invisible is not save your Yahoo search history.


how to know if someone is invisible on yahoo messenger

The 4invisible website is a based tool and by typing Yahoo ID you can easily check your friends on Yahoo messenger. This 4invisible website will provide you the other details of your friends like avatar, profile details, etc.

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How to detect invisible yahoo messenger users? It is a very major issue for some people who use Yahoo Messenger. For that, above I have mentioned six types of website. I also get more help for using these outstanding websites. Now use these websites for detecting who can invisible you. If any problem arises while using these websites then immediately inform me on our comments below.

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