How To Download Kodi on FireStick – Best App For Multimedia

With the advancement of technology, various apps have started to amaze us with their ability. Kodi is one of those apps which has grabbed my attention when I used it. It is available for some of the leading platforms such as Android, Linux, Windows IOS, etc. But here I will provide you with the technique to Download Kodi on FireStick.

Download Kodi on FireStick

Kodi is a streaming and an Open Source Software of free. It will specially design for entertainment in the home. Kodi was created for Microsoft Xbox. In recent years this app has evolved making a huge fan base of its own. Since its inception, it has gone by the hands of 500 developers and 200+ translators. Now it is customizable by adding builds and add-ons. So below take a look at the features of this amazing app.

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Features of Kodi:

The Kodi app comes with some coolest features that will bring your multimedia experience to a different level. So following are the features.

  • With the help of this app, you can stream through a local network.
  • You can get extensions for most popular platforms like Pandora, Youtube, and Spotify.
  • The interface is very easy to handle.
  • You can access a huge collection of pictures, videos, and music.
  • These include funny things such as Lazy TV, Movie Quiz program, and Last Episode.
  • It is available for many operating systems such as Android, Linux, MAC, and Windows.

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Steps To Download Kodi on FireStick:

  • When you have to download Kodi on FireStick it will give you an extra content as well the capability to run in the absorbing add-ons and the setup will be complete in a few minutes.
  • To download this, first, you have to navigate to the options in Settings > System > Developer. To use Kodi, you need to a sure that the Unknown Sources Apps are turned ON or not.
  • You will need a technique to manipulate files or a file management system on Fire TV stick.
  • The local files will be managed in a great process, and it will be a very easy process to be possible for third party content to download the Kodi. You will navigate to “Add” to the left of the program. Here it will provide a box and you will fill this.
  • Click on this link for text box marked then add to link into your favorite.
  • Once in the ARM link, you will click this. It will be complicated to find but if you stay on it then you will get it as soon as possible.
  • When it is downloaded it will be ready for installation.

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How to Install Kodi:

There are in three processes you will install in Modi on FireStick. Below I will show you some steps it will help you for these installation process.

How to Install Kodi on FireStick:

When download Kodi on FireStick process is completed, then it’s time for installing it. Below are the steps that will help you to install this app.

  • When the downloading process is completed a window will pop up.
  • Click to open the file and the Apk file which will download will navigate automatically.
  • Click to download the APK file to the installation screen.
  • You can scroll down over the screen and click the button of install.
  • When the installation process will complete then press the option “Done”.

How To Install Kodi on Firestick with PC:

  • Open the Settings and go to the developer options of the System Settings then enable the install from unknown sources and ADB Debugging.
  • You will get back to the home screen option and go to the “Settings” then open to the “About” option in the System Settings to note your IP address.
  • For the windows download the link of ADB from the link.
  • The ARM Apk file will be download from the link.
  • Launch the ADB link and then click on a new button.
  • For your reference type the random name on the field of Description.
  • On the field of the Address in your FireStick, you will enter the IP address.
  • Click Save and then Connect.
  • You will see the IP address in the Fire TV Connected Devices.
  • Click on the Install APK key and you will select the Kodi APK.
  • Click to Open and then it to be Confirm.
  • To get the Kodi app to go to the Apps.

How to install Kodi on FireStick with MacBook:

  • You will go to the Settings then Developer Options of the System settings and enable to the Unknown Sources of the Apps.
  • Get back the System > About > Network and to the note on your IP address.
  • For the OS X, you will go to the Download ADB link page and click the Begin Download key.
  • Open and download to the ARM file from under the Android icon.
  • Now you will launch ADB link on your MacBook ad click on the new key.
  • Enter FireStick in the Description box.
  • Enter the IP address of your FireStick in the box of the Address.
  • Then you can Press the Save Button.
  • Under the Current Device and Choose the FireStick.
  • Press the Connect (FireStick will be shown the Current Devices).
  • Click on the Install Apk of the button.
  • It will be navigated to the Kodi APK Installation file and you will just download.
  • When the confirmation prompt, then click on Yes to the allow ADB link to the install Kodi on the FireStick.


Above are the steps to download Kodi on FireStick with the installation process. So from now, you can enjoy these features of Kodi on Firestick. If you have anything else to add then let us know by commenting below.

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