Top 7 Best English Learning Apps For Android Free Download

Are you looking for English learning apps for Android free download? Then this post is for those people who are weak in the language of English and are willing to learn it fast. Actually, kids and some adults are just afraid to speak and learn English. In this generation, people are totally dependent on the Smartphone and use various apps for different purposes, so getting English learning apps will make it easier for them to learn this language quickly.

English Learning Apps For Android Free Download
In the modern world, everybody needs to know fluent English to interact with various people of different countries. Earlier, who did not know English will go to the English classes and these classes were pretty much expensive. But now it was totally different because today everyone has Android Smartphones. You can use some useful applications to gain fluency in English language and in Google Play Store where you can get a lot of English learning apps.

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Best English Learning Apps For Android Free Download:

1. Hello English:

It is one of the best English learning Apps for Android free download. And the Hello English online is free of cost ‘English’ learning advance course. It is used and downloaded more than 86 million times. Here you can learn how to speak English, ‘Vocabulary’ building, and grammar.
This application is created by CultureAlley and is a free Educational application. Here you can also get some other languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati etc. Is not that superb?
Along with the ‘Android Version’, Hello English for pc is also available on the market. It maximizes the reach of the application. This application is developed and designed in India. It has a clean user interface which enables you to easily navigate in this app. And one thing that in this app you can also get conversation games and this helps users to learn English in a beneficial manner. And this game is applicable offline also. In the Google Play Store hello English apps rating star is 4.6 and approx 10 million people has downloaded it.

2. Learn English Conversation:

It is one of the top English learning applications to boost your English Grammar, English Listening, the vocabulary over accumulation on the English Dictionary as well. And each episode has audio, vocabulary list, and transcript. Learn English conversation is totally free application on the ‘Google Play Store’. And it will help you to improve your English speaking skill, grammar and expand your ‘English Vocabulary’. Here you can also have one amazing option to a conversation with the other learners from over the whole world.
In the Google Play Store you can get it and its size is 3.9 MB and over 1 million people download this application and its rating is 4.7 stars.

3. Learn English-Voxy:

It the best English learning applications for the advanced learners and the beginners. Voxy creates the personalized lessons and it acclimates based on every learner’s level, goals, and interests. And this app you can also download on both Android and iOS. And more than 21 kingdoms and effective technology give to change the way that you learn English. In this application, you can improve your spiking and learning skills. And I think if you don’t go teacher house then additionally you can also improve your English.
In the Google Play Store, you can get this amazing application. And its size 7.3 MB and over 1 million people download this amazing app and its rating is 4.2 stars.

4. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free:

Duolingo is the other Best English Learning Apps For Android Free Download. And this day it is one of the most liked applications. This app is too simple to use. Here you can also set up your profile and your chosen language that you need to learn. If you are persistent to sufficient, put up your monthly or weekly ambition. And the Duolingo can arrange your exercise as the ‘skill tree’. Here in this app, you can improve your English skill. One of my favorite feature of this application, that here you can get set up your daily progress. I personally tell you that you can download this app on your Android Smartphone. And one thing that this application available in OS.
In the Google Play Store you can download this app and here its rating star is 4.7 stars.

5. Learn to speak English:

It is another and one of the popular English Learning Apps For Android Free Download and it is also availing on the Google Play Store. Here this application provides you with the 8000 audio files and the 900 lessons and it helps you to improve your English communication skills. Here you can communication videos as like as movies, college, sports, and business etc. and this application also provides you with 2000 use word. And in the Google Play Store you can get this app. approx 5 million people can use this application.

6. English Tenses:

It is the amazing android application and that helps you to learn English. But English tenses help you to improve your English tense conversation. And this application can provide you with some rules of the English grammar with some amazing examples. This application helps you to separate the sentences located and verbs. And this application required 2.3 or more android versions. In the Google Play Store, you can get this application.

7. 13000 Videos English Learning:

It is one of my favorite android application that helps to learn English. It provides us more than 13000 videos learn English. Here you can also get more than 500 playlists in a sufficient characterized order for the English learning. Our expertise will make you learn by writing, listening and reading. And this application provides you to well characterize English business meeting videos, news, and songs etc. And one last thing this application required 3.0 Android or higher version. In the Google Play Store, you can get this app.


The apps mentioned above are the best English learning apps for android free download. All these apps are tested by our team and are capable to give your better guidance to learn this language easily. So from now no need to rush to expensive English classes only download one of these apps and start learning English right away.

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