Everything About BHIM App You Need to Know

Last week the PM of India, Sri Narendra Modi publicized a new application named after the great Bhimrao Ambedkar-BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money). The main reasons behind the launch of BHIM app are to encourage the digital payments and also to cut off the problems that are being faced by Indian people after demonetization due to lack of cash.




BHIM app is currently restricted for android users only and will help the users to receive and send money mainly using their Aadhar card details and also with the help of their fingerprint impression.

A small overview of how this app works:

This BHIM app is from the parent figure for all retail payments systems in India, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and stand on Unified Payments Interface (UPI). This app will allow the users to receive and send money using either UPI details or IFCS, MMID codes. Those who don’t have the UPI address can use MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) or IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) code to use the features of BHIM app.

How to download and register:

  • To download the app in android mobiles, go to play store first and then click on the install option to install the app.





  • After installation is complete, there will be two options- ‘uninstall’ and ‘Open’-select the ‘Open’ option and then choose your preferred language, either English or Hindi.


  • Then click the ‘Next’ option and go through two pages where some features about this app are discussed by simply clicking the ‘Next’ option.
  • Then a page will come where the app will ask you to give it access using ‘SMS’ and ‘PHONE STATE’ and you just click the option- ‘LET’S GET STARTED’, shown below of the page.




  • Then it will ask for a passcode and set your unique passcode and then confirm the code.






  • Then select your bank and set your UPI pin using the debit card details.







  • Now you are all set to use the BHIM app.


Features it possesses:

After log in with the passcode, the app will show a page where various features the app possess will pop-Money transfer, Request and Scan & Pay.








  • To transfer money users can use two alternates. For sending money to someone having UPI address user can use that person’s phone number or payment address. But for a recipient lacking UPI by using the recipient’s name, bank account number and IPSC code a BHIM user can transfer money easily.
  • Users can request money by two ways-by using the mobile number or payment address and the other one is by through generating a QR code.



What that QR code means and how it works:


This QR code or quick response code can be used for money request. A user can generate its own QR code for a fixed amount of money, which can be used by the donor to send money.




10k is allowed per transaction and 20k per day.


Banks that support BHIM app:


All the well-known banks support BHIM app. The detail about the banks is given in the list that will appear during the registration into BHIM app.


What makes it different than others?


Though using other app based wallet a user can send or receive money from a same app based wallet whereas by using BHIM app a user can send or receive directly to bank account.


The review is written after doing sufficient research and after going through the feedbacks of the current users. This BHIM app is very useful in the current circumstances of India. This BHIM app will boost the cashless transactions in India.


  1. Biswajit Datta says:

    Nice step by Sri Narendra Modi. And the information in your website is valuable about this app.

  2. Bravo, il me semble c’est l’idГ©e magnifique

  3. Shada Rocks says:

    Awesome, decision by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who brought us into a new digital platform to have the most convenient and suitable way to transact our money.

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