How To Generate Fake Number For WhatsApp

Do you love to play pranks with friends with WhatsApp account? In this articles, I will show how to create or make Fake Number for WhatsApp account, so you could prank with loved once. The most popular instant messaging serves providers is WhatsApp in nowadays. This app comes with amazing features that will make the messages more funny and interesting. In these messengers, you could send pictures, videos, recording, and emojis.

Fake Number For WhatsAppAnd in WhatsApp you can make video calls, voice calls over the data of your phone. First, provide your phone number and register your WhatsApp account then you can send messages to some friends of yours. In this application, you can do some cool tricks so to play some fun with friends. In these Apps here are some cool tricks are present but I think all people like the fake number for WhatsApp so you can have fun with your friends.

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Fake Number For the WhatsApp TO Make Prank:

In recent days many people are looking how to use fake number for the WhatsApp. So at last everyone is inquisitive to know about it. Here is the explanation about this trick which helps to fun your friend and loved one with messages. So let learn under from some written trick and observe this cool tricks it to your Smartphone.

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Why use Fake Number For the WhatsApp?

In my articles, I will give you some with some cool tricks for to generate WhatsApp number. And I will contribute before you must prank to apply with your loved once and friends and you also attractive attire with this tricks. If you can accurately use this prank then you did not need to use the old school days prank to prank with family and your friends. And sometimes you feel too much happy when you prank with close friends and loved once who those are close your heart.

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Fake WhatsApp Account Using 3 Apps?

Hither is the process that will show you to create fake number for WhatsApp then you will do a prank with close friends.

Method 1:

Here I using one App its name primo then you can perform these tricks on Android phones. In WhatsApp you can register your own numbers then you can send text messages to your friends with using some messaging Apps like as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, WeChat etc. and you can earn new when you allude it to friends that can release as voice calling and voice mail after Primo.  In Google Play store Primo’s rating is 4 .1. And you can install this App Android version 4.1 and its advanced versions.

Primo App – Some Key Features:

Primo will help to do some amazing tricks. So below I will give you its features.

  • In this App, you can voice calls are done over 200 countries like Canada, UK, and in the US.
  • In this App you can receive a call and send messages are gratis of charge.
  • In the whole lifetime, messages can be sent for free.
  • This App allows to do international calls for free and when registered Primo then it will contribute with 625 minutes free calling.

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Fake Number For Whatsapp Using  The Nextplus Application

The Nextplus App will help to create a fake account. Below I will show you some steps which will expressly help.

  • First, Primo app must be downloaded on the device.
  • Then install on your device.
  • Now you see on your desktop click or tab button. Then you click or tab to open Primo and now you give your number succeeded by next button.
  • Now enter a password as per you desire then click or tab option for the device to process on.
  • It will take some moment and then transfer you directly to homepage.
  • Then you go to click option and tab reward sections.
  • Add the current email address to verify the account.
  • After that your email verification then check your mobile phone number on over your display.
  • Now open your WhatsApp account to put Nextplus number for creating your WhatsApp new account.
  • Now the fake account for WhatsApp is ready.

And then you can play the prank with your heart close friends.

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Method 2:

These Apps are excellently simple to install into the device and also easy to use.  When you will use this App it will be no problem. And the Talk2 App will run rooted and non-rooted Apparatus. Alternative, Voyager has created this amazing App and Google Play store this App rated stars at 3.9.  In Google Play Store you will get some alternative Apps available but the Talk2 is different than other applications. So now have to use the Talk2 App to get a fake account for WhatsApp.

Features Of Talk2 App:

A Talk2 application comes with amazing features that help to get a fake account for the WhatsApp. So below I will show you its features.

  • Talk2 application gives you Philippine Number.
  • You can get free SMS for a whole month.
  • When you install and sing up to this App will be aware 20 SMS as a reward.
  • For this App, you may get unmeasured chat.
  • Hera we get some cool easy feature to use it.

Fake Number For WhatsApp – WithTalk2 Application:

Below are some to make a Fake account for WhatsApp.

  • First, you can download this App on the Android Smartphone.
  • Now click to install.
  • And then you can open the Talk2 application to verify the phone number.
  • Now you get an another new number and then it will also give you 100 SMS as a reward.
  • Now run the WhatsApp on your device and then you put Talk2 number to create another new account.
  • And finally, you can play a prank with friends and loved once.


Above are the steps through which you can easily generate a fake number for WhatsApp. Once the number is created you can enjoy by pranking with your friends. Try not to hurt someone’s feelings by generating fake number. So now as you know the trick enjoy it.


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