How To Fix External Hard Drive Without Formatting

This article will guide you How To Fix External Hard Drive Without Formatting it. Before going into details let us first learn, what is external hard drive and what are the measures we can follow to fix and access hard drive without formatting or losing its important data. It is because sometimes your hard drive gets damaged and can become unrecognized or inaccessible in windows 10/8/7 bcoz of various reasons about which you will read below-mentioned lines.How To Fix External Hard Drive Without Formatting

So, not to be worried about anymore as we will be providing you the various genuine steps. If you follow them will be very fruitful for the purpose about which you are reading.

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About External Hard Drive:

So, dear readers as we all know, that the external hard drive is a portable storage device which can be attached to a computer with the help of a USB or FireWire connections, or wirelessly and has high storage capacities and is often used to back up computers or server as a network drive.

So, it is likely to get corrupted any time as we often use them in any PC’s as per our convenience. That is why it is most important to use such devices after proper scanning and the one which gets already corrupted should be rectified immediately. The following are the steps which you can follow.

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Hard Drive Corruption Symptoms:

To identify that your Hard Drive is corrupted, you may observe the following symptoms, which will be enough to make you clear about the condition of your hard drive. These are as follows:

  • The extremely slow transfer rate of data.
  • Over heating of your drive.
  • Your hard drive will not show up on your computer when you plug in.
  • The clicking sound is one of the major sign of being corrupted.
  • The files do not open as they are corrupted.
  • Read errors, reallocated sectors, failing block count, erase failure, wear level and life time used are some other important symptoms could be identified.

General Causes Of Getting Corrupted:

There are quite a lot of reasons that may be the cause of your device to be corrupted, some are as follows:

  • One of the major cause of your hard drive to show corrupted is the virus attack.
  • Formatting of hard drive again and again or not formatting at all.
  • Irregular power supply.
  • Hardware issue, which is a connectivity issue with the hard drive due to faulty cables, faulty port or simply a faulty hard drive.
  • And the other is the software issue.

When you under go with anyone of the above-mentioned situations, you need to repair your corrupted Hard Drive as early as possible, to make it correctly work. It can be simply done by formatting. But, if there are some important data files in the device, by formatting, you may face lots of problem of losing them.

So, this article will provide you very helpful methods to fix external hard drive without formatting not working, corrupted or losing any of its data. No matter you are using any branded External Hard Drive, just follow this article to get your problems solved with provided methods here now.

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How To Repair Corrupted External Hard Disk:

If your external hard drive is found corrupted, it can be easily used after formatting it. For this, you must follow certain steps. You have to just connect your corrupted drive to your PC and scan it with a proper data recovery software which is easily available in net. But always you must go for scanning of the unallocated drive, because this may lead you to reinstall your windows. It can all be done in your disk management screen.

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How To Fix External Hard Drive Without Formatting:

So, here I m going to give you a clear idea about the various methods on how to access data on hard drive without formatting. CMD can easily help you to get your corrupted hard drive repaired, simply without formatting it in Windows. There are ample of data recovery software’s which will recover your lost data back to its normal condition. Just plug in your corrupted drive and then press the Windows button along with X button.

As soon as you do so a menu can be seen on the left side of the screen which is the User Menu. Now you can select for CPA and type chkdhk which will check and repair your errored drive. If this method doesn’t satisfy your problem then you can follow another alternative way on How To Fix External Hard Drive Without Formatting, I.e, by recovering your data from the corrupted hard drive and then it can be fixed after formatting which will protect your important data.EUS software can also be used in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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So, dear friends, this was a brief descriptional method to overcome all your worries regarding your external hard drive and we hope that the above-given instructions will help you a lot, whenever you will face such type of problems thereafter. This article named “how to fix external hard drive without formatting” is prepared by our site to put forward our suggestions at your service and we are sure about your regular visit and acknowledge it.


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