How To Fix Registry Errors Windows 7 – In Two Easiest Method

Do you know that the registry of Windows 7 has the whole blueprint of the installation? If the registry of your device gets corrupted, by the failure if uninstallation, a bad driver or some other reason. By restoring your system you can fix this problem to the time when your computer works properly. There are some registry clean programs like CCleaner to scan and fix the errors happening. So here in this article, I am going to show how to fix registry errors windows 7.

 How To Fix Registry Errors Windows 7

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How To Fix Registry Errors Windows 7 – Two Easiest Method:

1st Method: Performing a System Restore:

I. Open The System Restore Windows:

If the current change makes errors in your registry then you can click restore point your computer so that your computer can revert. There are two deferent ways to open your computer System Restore Window. Below are the steps

  • 1st you can click your computer start menu then you can type ‘restore’ and then select ‘system restore’ from the given list.
  • 2nd you can click win + pause and now you can click the link of Advanced System Settings. And now you just see System Restore button then click System Restore.

II. Select A Restore Point:

If your device has enabled System Restore then your PC windows will select the most recent restore point. Restore point are needs to be created only when some major changes are made in the system. If you do not have any restore point then below I will give you two deferent processes.

  • 1st you can see “SHOW MORE RESTORE POINTS” box and now you just click here and now you can see your earlier restore points and if while failure has existed around.
  • Every restore point has the timestamp to the concise description because of the restore point was made.

III. Scan For Affected Programs:

And now I think you see scan for affected programs. Then you can click here and it will show your driver and all programs those are to be deleted from your computers.  And likewise, the program will be expected to not work properly after restoring.

  • Actually, system restore will not affect your personal data.

IV. Finishes to start to restore process:

And now you can click next button and then you can finish this process and start to the restore process.  And this process takes few minutes and then your computer or device will restart before complete restore.

2nd Method:

Using CCleaner:

  1. 1st you can download CCleaner as a windows 7 registry repair tool and then you can install. And actually, CCleaner is a free website. You can download it from this given link. Its free version is enough for restore the registry.
  • While installing the CCleaner settings does not need to be changed.
  1. Now you can run CCleaner to scan your computers registry error, and it can attempt to fix it.
  2. In the left menu, you can see “Registry” option, click on it.
  3. And now you can assure to check all boxes. Then CCleaner can scan many possible errors.
  4. Now you can click “Scan for issues” and then CCleaner will prepare to scan your computer registry and several errors will display in your pc right frame.
  5. You just see now fix selected issues buttons. Now you can click here and by default, any problems will found to be checked.
  6. When provoked then you make a backup of your computer registry.
  7. Now you can click fix all selected issues and then you can fix manually but you can consistently trust CCleaner to make the correct improvement.
  8. Then you can click to close after fixing.
  9. And now you can reboot your computer and if this problem continues then you can reinstall Windows 7.


By the above, you can fix registry errors windows 7. I personally have used this method and successfully fix this problem. If you have any questions and any problems to fix registry errors Windows 7 then you don’t hesitate just write it on our comment box and surely our team gives you answers or solutions. And last, thank you to read our given articles.

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