How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected in Android Devices

Are you people facing troubled by the Screen Overlay Detected error in your Android devices? Then here in this Post, we will analyze about the most annoying error in Android Marshmallow that is screen overlay. Screen overlay error does not come temporarily; whenever you want to use an app it will show again and again unless you fix it permanently.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected in Android Devices

So before we get to the overall solution of this problem, we have to get some brief idea about what is Screen overlay? Why does this error get detected? And at last, I will show you How to fix the screen overlay error in your Samsung Smartphone? So let us proceed to solve this common problem with Android Marshmallow.

Screen Overlay Detected – What is it really?

A screen overlay is provided in all the apps that you use in Android OS. It has one of the best features that shows the apps like chat heads of Whatsapp and enables any app to appear at the top of another app. But why this feature creates the problem that we will discuss below.

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Why Screen Overlay Detected in Android Devices?

If you are an Android Marshmallow user then you might know that whenever you install any new application on your device then you have to enable permission manually to contact, Camera and storage. But with the presence of some bug in your Android Marshmallow, you have to turn off the screen overlay of all the apps whenever we grant permission. If any active apps are left in the screen over then the screen overlay message will be displayed on your screen. This message will forbid you from access any newly installed app in your Android Device. For Example- Screen overlay detected Whatsapp.

Many of the useful applications in Android devices use screen overlay features such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and much more. If this pop-up message appears then there is no need to uninstall this app. Only you have to follow the instructions below and apply the solution to get rid of this Screen Overlay detected an error. You can use my solution to this problem in all the Android devices such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Oneplus, Lenovo and much more.

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List of Devices that Supports Screen Overlay:

You will see this error message in many of the popular devices such as Screen Overlay detected j7, moto g3, S5, Lenovo k5 note, Samsung J7 Prime, Lenovo K5 note. To access these fully you have to turn off the screen overlay in all the above-mentioned devices. Only then you can use the newly installed devices and access storage, camera and contacts.

How to Turn off Screen Overlay Detected:

Screen overlay error happens to all the phones that restrict you from accessing some functions of your device. The solution to this problem is a bit tricky because different apps use these settings on your device. But with our guide, you can solve this Screen overlay detected problem easily. You will get this problem only in some of the devices such as Asus, Samsung, LG, and Lenovo.

Here in this post, I will provide you with 2 of the easiest Solutions to the screen overlay problem. The first one is for the Android users and the second one is for the Samsung devices because the settings of Samsung Smartphone are different from other phones. If the device you are using is Samsung branded then you can scroll downwards directly to the Steps to fix Screen overlay Detected for Samsung Devices.

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Steps to turn off the Screen Overlay for Android:

Here I have shown the two relevant solutions for the Screen overlay Detected problem for all the leading Android devices.

Screen Overlay Detected- Solution 1:

The below written is the configuration to turn off the Screen overlay for all the application in all the leading devices.

  • First, you have to go to settings and click/Tap on the Apps option.

fix screen overlay detected

  • Then you click/tap on the three Dots on the top right corner then select Configure apps.
  • There click/tap on Draw over other Apps.
  • Now you will see the list of apps that have the permission to Screen Overlay.
  • Click/tap on the three dots and click/tap on Show System Apps to see all the apps including the system apps.

screen overlay detected whatsapp

  • There you have to turn off the permission one by one of all the apps in that list.

screen overlay detected j7

  • Then go back to the app and enable permission to the settings you want.

Steps to Turn off Screen Overlay Detected Samsung Phones- Solution 2:

In the first solution, I have shown you the steps to which you can turn off the screen overlay settings manually. But in the second one, I will show you the steps to reset the app preference settings in Samsung device that will switch off the screen overlay automatically.

So the following steps will show you the process to turn off the screen overlay detected Samsung devices.

  • Click/tap to open settings from the menu.
  • Now click/tap on the application manager or apps.
  • Then go to the three dots on the to the right corner and click on the Reset App preference.

screen overlay detected samsung

  • This will disable the screen overlay settings.

This is the best settings through which you can change the settings of the screen overlay.

Steps To Use Screen Overlay App through Safe Mode:

If the above methods didn’t work then here is a simple step through which you can enable the permission of different apps to storage, contacts, and camera. So below are the easy steps to be followed by you.

  • Press the power button to see the power options.
  • Then press the Power off option for some time.

Screen overlay detected

  • It will show Reboot to safe mode, click/tap ok.
  • Then on safe mode go to Settings and click on apps.

fix screen overlay detected

  • Click on any application that you want to change the permission.
  • Then select the permission that you want to change.
  • Now restart your device and this time the popup Screen overlay detected will not show.


The screen overlay detected pop-up message restricts you use any application fully on your device. So above I have mentioned the process through which you can manually fix the Screen overlay settings on any Android phone. You have also learned the steps to change it on Samsung Android phones and the safe mode permission enables method without changing the Screen overlay setting. Now you can use your apps freely without any annoying pop-up messages.


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