Forgot Wireless Router Password – How To Revive It

Forgot Wireless router password is one of the common issues. So to solve it, here in this post are some methods. Routers are the device that connects your computer, Smartphone or any other device to a network or internet. And to secure the router settings a username and password are provided to you. So that any other individual cannot access the settings or any other valuable settings of your password.

Forgot Wireless Router Password

And sometimes due to the variety of password in various device or software you forgot the password of your router.  And if you forgot the password of your router then you won’t be able to access the device from inside. So here I am going to show you the technique to recover the forgot wireless router password.

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How to Solve Forgot Wireless Router Password:

The company always provide default router password and Username with the router you have bought. After you log in, you can change the default password provided and after that if you forgot the password you can’t revive it anymore.

So the only way to login again into your router is you have to press the reset button for 20sec and after that, the router will set back to the factory settings. And then you can log in with the password provided by the brand with your router. So this is the only method through which you can login after you forgot wireless router password.

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How to login Into Router:

Here I am going to show you first how to login to your Router. And after login how you can change the password. So following are the easy steps that you have to follow.

  • First, you have to connect the router to your computer via LAN wire connection.
  • Then you have to log in to the router through the password and user name provided.
  • After that go to the settings and look for the security option.
  • Go to the security option and from there you can now change the password and username provided by the company.
  • So now you can access your device in every possible way.

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The above written is the process of how you can change forgot wireless router password. So in this process, you can change the password and there is no alternative method available. You can try this if you forgot your password make sure that you have your default password remembered.



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