Google Pixel 2 Review, Product Description and Price in India

Google is planning to bring a new Google Pixel 2 smartphone. Although the details of the device are not unveiled yet. From the sources, we get to know that the upcoming device is going to have an impressive design with looks and will be in high specifications.

Google Pixel 2 Review, Product Description and Price in India

Earlier in 2016, we received a flagship smartphone from Google as compared to other leading brands in the market of Smartphones. The first device from Google as the “Google Pixel” was great at all but was costly. The device could not battle much with other similar flagship device’s as expected by the manufacturer Google. And results, the device could not be sold in a large manner. So, this time the company trying to make and bring something new stylish and uncompromisable smartphone which could fulfill the aspects of its users.

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Google Pixel 2 Specification & Review:

Below I have provided the detail report about Google Pixel 2 specs with the full review it. It might give you an idea about this phone.


google pixel 2 specs

The new Google Pixel 2 may have the design as described in the above picture and could be imaginable. The design may remain similar to the previous model from last year.  The sides of the device will be pleasant to hold on the palm. Curved designs from top to down and side by side. The metallic design on the rear side and furnished in a shiny to smoother style. Glossy body with metallic design in all respect for the flagship device compete.


google pixel 2 specifications

The device may come in QHD display at all with great beauty.  Display in QHD display could play a major role as compared to other brand flagship devices. Fully QHD display from its head to down where navigation control appears. A wide variety of functions could be possible to have on Google Pixel 2. An advanced technology of flexible OLED may get to present.

The device may have a 5.6-inch display with 2560×1320 pixels of resolution. With great viewing beauty and delightful quality production in the said device may emerge. The pixel per inch is set to be at maximum about 401 ppi on the device.


google pixel 2 rumors

The device will probably have 23 megapixels rear camera along with autofocus LED flash and 8 megapixels of front camera for better selfies. The rear camera is rated at 20fps in for clearance focus view with different new features and the front camera comes with beauty mode functions.


Although the Pixel 2 could appear with the most powerful processor ever in flagship devices. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset might present in the new upcoming Google Pixel 2 at 2.4 Ghz clock speed. The processor will perform at high-level tasks which will produce a pleasurable experience to the users.

Watching videos will be flawless with the mentioned processor or tasks like High Definition gaming is unbreakable in every manner while playing it. Running apps or other applications on the devices will run in very smoothly without any doubt. The device will not lag at all as the device gets the latest powerful processor in it.


The device will run on highest possible RAM of 6gb with the mentioned processor in this article. About the storage is going to have large space according to the sources which are going to about 128gb intake memory packed inside the upcoming Google Pixel 2.

Now,  users could imagine a device built in 6gb of RAM with 128gb storage of capacity which enables to save data’s, files, documents and a wide range of music or videos as per the users desire.


Technology has brought us to very advanced level from 2g to 3g and now 4g. The device will support 4g network with various brands and carriers depending on a region basis. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is supported by the respective mentioned device.


About 3800 mAh of the battery may be given to the upcoming model of Pixel 2.  A phone in the as said battery could give users to have entertainment a day, hardcore gaming upto hours, listening music, watching videos with just a single charge. Talktime will go on around 36 hours but depend upon networks.

Google Pixel 2 Some Additional Features:

Fingerprint Sensor:

google pixel specification

It’s easy to lock/unlock all your desired files into the device from unwanted use without any such issue. Your device is fully safe and protected in all manner.

Google Drive:

Store all the apps, games, videos in a large amount because Google provides upto 15 GB of storage for free.


The device gets a new type of USB- C port for Fast charging support. No worrying while battery becomes low because the device is enabled for fast charging facility. Charge any moment when the battery is low and get the effective result in just a few minutes.


The device may have waterproofing solution due to IP67/IP68 rated in it. IP67 rated the device from fully dust proof where not a single tiny particles of dust could enter into the phone. And IP68 rated for full waterproofing expert as if the device gets falls inside water than it could sustain upto 1.5 m for 30 minutes approx. without any problem.

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Google Pixel 2 Price in India:

Google may make the upcoming device Google Pixel 2 budget friendly device. Is because the last year their first launched Smartphone was costly which was with other high brands flagships. Google could not sell millions of pieces from its past device that’s why this year 2017 the manufacturer could make affordable device around under 25-30K.

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All the details provided above in this article is received from our resources. Though the company itself has not officially revealed all the details about the device. Though the release date has not been confirmed by the company, it is confirmed that it will come out this year 2017 by VP of hardware Google in an interview at Mobile World Congress (MWC). Google Pixel 2 will battle with brands like Apple or LG’s devices in the market to retain users heart.

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