How do you Send a Web Page by Email – In 3 Easy Steps

Is it getting troubled for you to send Web pages by email? Then here in this article, I will show How do you Send a Web Page by email. We use email to send documents, messages and other important stuff, but many people find it difficult to send Webpage through email.

How do you Send a Web Page by email

There are two ways through which you can send a web page to another person. One is just copying and paste the URL in the email and the other process is to send the entire web page. So here I will be more focusing on sending the entire web page via email which is probably the standard way.

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How do You Send a Web Page By Email:

Send Webpage with Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook is the one of the most common and popular emailing platform used by people all over the world. Here I will show you some steps through which you will get know how to send a web page by email. You will be able to send whole page rather than just a link.

  • Go to OutLook and navigate to view > toolbar > web.
  • Then type the URL to land to the desired page.
  • When the web page loads click/tap on actions> send web page by email. Now a new box will open with the web page then fill up the address and send.

Send Web Page with Internet Explorer 8:

Internet Explorer is another platform which is widely used to send emails to others. You will get two instant access options located in the command tool bar.There are choices provided to you whether you want to send the link or the web page. The send page by email will load the page into the default email client.

If you didn’t find the option then open the browser> Toolbars> Command Bar.

Send Web Page with Email The Web:

Email the web is another popular web service, through which you can send an entire web page to anyone you desire to from your Browser. You can use this service in three possible ways.

  • You can copy and paste the URL of the Web page on the and then click/tap to email send web page.
  • You can add Firefox add-ons. And it will provide two emailing styles. The extract Page will help you to capture sessions, dynamic, specific and password. The quick page option will let you access in a more faster way.
  • You can also get the toolbar in you Internet explorer browser to send emails of any web page.

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The above mentioned are the easiest steps of How do you Send a Web Page by email. So now as you know you can send any web page with the help email and as I say it is better to send the entire web page than just the link.

So comment below if you had anything to add regarding this topic that we have discussed above.



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