How to Change IMEI Number in Smartphones with Apps

How to Change IMEI Number is really a mess. But what if you could change it by yourself for the Smartphones? Many people use to change their phones identity to earn benefits and some special advantages. Without changing any such mobile identification someone cannot play tricks to get profits from the online.How to Change IMEI NumberThis can be done with some sort of Apps to change the ID numbers different Smartphones like Samsung, Micromax, Xiaomi and most of the brands available in the market. A very safe way to change Smartphone into something different segment and so could not get to traced by any means.

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What is IMEI Number in Phones?

When a mobile is manufactured, it gets an identity with a unique number. International Mobile Equipment Identity is the full of IMEI number which contains 15 digits unique number in mobile phones or in Smartphones. Every phone has its different IMEI number on the packing box or rear side of the device after removing its back cover as well as the battery. The number helps to prevent from unwanted use, misused by other parties rather than the owner of the phone and if lost by you or in case if stolen by somebody else.

But you can change your device identity by changing its IMEI number as per wish. We use many kinds of Apps in our phones or Smartphones which sometimes needs to be verified when asked. Though you can check your mobile IMEI number by just dialing the number with fingertips (*#06#). Several times it may be annoying to you to provide again and again for the same thing.

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How to Change IMEI Number in Smartphones with Apps?

Sometimes when you try to change any phones identify the process will not work at all. And will result in an unnecessary option then showed up failed. Why this all happens? It’s due to the phone requires some other changes into the settings. Phone’s need root to make certain changes from to get override permission over the device. Rooting any device brings you full authorization on the phone to run the way you want without any such restrictions. Also, rooting any device is a risk which you need to be careful. If anything goes wrong while rooting, it will result the phone dead.

There is another solution to Change IMEI Number of a phone. It’s too easy and simple to change your phone’s identity and for quick results to have. Google Play Store contains millions of Applications with the wide range of collections. There are some Apps which pay us a sum of money if we download them on our phones. And if we share them with our friends or other parties then App allows us to enjoy with more points and profits. The more we spread the App by sharing with others we start to get more funds into accounts. By those sum of money, we can recharge our phone balance and shop for various other online purchase.

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How to Change IMEI Number? (Xposed IMEI Changer with Root)

To change IMEI number of a phone, you must know some necessary details about Xposed IMEI Changer App. This App can be obtained from Google Play Store in just a few seconds. A very popular App for changing IMEI number of a phone which is preferred by many users. The App suitable and portable for most the devices. Overall, the App is easy and beneficial for use as for its best results.

  • Download Xposed IMEI Changer from Google Play Store and install on your device.
  • After installation, run the App to begin the process but before that keep the copy of your device by dialing *#06#.
  • On running App, type the original IMEI number or paste it from the Go to Modules options and give a tick mark.
  • Now give a restart to your device or you could use Xposed Installer a part of the App for the fast rebooting device.
  • After restart completion, run the App again now it will show the current real IMEI option to change.
  • Now, change IMEI number of the device by tapping on new IMEI number option and Apply for final process.
  • The app will display your IMEI number changed successfully and show you the results in the box.
  • To get confirm about it give a restart to device and dial for *#06#.

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How to Change IMEI Number? (Mobileuncle MTK Tool without Root)

Another solution for change IMEI number to your Smartphone without root issue is Mobileuncle MTK Tool. Non-rooted phones can be able to change their IMEI number into their phones without much trouble. An application named as Mobileuncle MTK Tool APK is all you need to install in your device to change IMEI number for receiving benefits when using multiple money earning Apps.

  • Download the Mobileuncle MTK Tool APK for online store’s simply searched engines.
  • Install the App on your Android device.
  • Run the App to begin the process.
  • Select the “Engineer Mode” from the MTK.
  • Come down to CDS information displayed on the screen.
  • Click to Radio Information option.
  • There will be two options, “Phone1” and “Phone 2” to be select.
  • Tap on the Phone 2 option.
  •  Then “AT+” option will appear, now you need to replace it by providing original 15 digit IMEI number of the phone.
  • At last, click on the option “Send at Command” to finalize the process.
  • To confirm change IMEI number, now reboot the device and dial for *#06#.

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Above details on How to Change IMEI Number is all said to be true and correct. Changing any mobile phones identity number is a bit tricky but also easy if you follow the methods given in the post. Also, please note that changing IMEI number of any phone can also trouble you and make damage to your device. It’s totally at own risk those who intend to do so.

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