How to Download Snapchat Videos using Apps for Android and IOS

People are mostly connected to social media which means everyone. Have you wondered on How to Download Snapchat Videos? The App is admired by many users in today’s time. Become so renowned App that everybody wants to have its benefit with its awesome features.

One of the coolest App in the social network which holds the heart beat of every user. The most trending App rather than compared to other popular Social Apps.

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What is Snapchat?

It’s a social networking App which allows sending stories, videos, photos and feeds other topics in posts. Share your quick moments with photos and videos into different filtering ways. Text your friends or loved ones by messaging them.

How to Download Snapchat VideosYou can see the posts from everybody at most times but when you miss them, just cannot get it back. At a point, Snapchat disappoints to show the results of earlier posts. Actually, the App is made to deliver every moment from its user’s posts but the feeds do not remain last once seen them or gone through it. The self-removing feature of the App been made it popular and lack also.

Before, losing your desirable content in terms of photos, videos, or stories you can all save them in the device. So, could able to watch in free times as you want.

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How to Download Snapchat Videos using Apps?

Saving any favorite photos or videos is easy from Snapchat by just taking screenshots but this may alert the sender to get notified as you took. So, the App does not allow to do so when online. To avoid the restriction you can simply turn off the mobile network to flight mode then take screenshots and save on phone.

The solution on How to Download Snapchat Videos in mobile phones is you can make videos from your respective device by recording its screen. And for that purpose, you need to install some Apps from online stores. Many Apps helps to save videos from Snapchat in an easy way which compatibles with most Smartphones. These Apps are both available for Android and as well as IOS platforms.

How to Download Snapchat videos Using Android Apps:

1. AZ Screen Recorder:

Download AZ screen recorder

Well designed by its developer for Android users so could record the activities. You can use the App for recording screen while having Snapchat on the phone. It helps to save videos via recording without losing your favorite contents.


  • Allows making video recording as well as screenshots.
  • Runs on Android version 5.0 and above versions.

Download the App from Google Play Store and install in the device. Run the App to record snaps or videos by tapping the record button displayed on the screen. Manage the screenshots and adjust the videos taste as per desire.

2. SnapSave:

Download Snapsave

It’s an App that reveals everything just more than you can expect. Lots of alternate Apps you may get for Snapchat but SnapSave is something different. Just cannot deny if once you use this App.

You can use the username & password of Snapchat App to watch photos, videos and more. It suits to Android users but you cannot obtain the file from Google Store as it was removed. Download its APK file from online sites.


  • Automatically saves photos and videos into device memory.
  • Records all images, videos and whole activities.

How to Download Snapchat Videos Using IOS Apps:

1. IOS Screen Recorder:

Download IOS screen recorder

You can use this App to make Snapchat videos in IOS devices and also in MAC’s. This is completely genuine App to record screen activities.

Download the App from Itunes Store and install in the device. Run the App and tap on record button to keep every activity saved as runs at the screen. And especially for Snapchat to capture images from feeds and videos from others.


  • Possible to record games, videos or more.
  • Runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

2. Display Recorder:

Download Screen Recorder

It works in a very impressive way without any issue. You can save videos from Snapchat with just a click. Audio or video functions can be controlled while recording videos. The App is suitable for IOS devices in every manner to deliver best results.

Download the Display Recorder App from Itunes Stores and install on your iPhone to save your favorite moments from Snapchat online feeds.


  • Compatible with IOS devices.
  • User-friendly to use.


The details about How to Download Snapchat Videos is genuine for users. Get the Apps for your Smartphones if you wish to see favorite videos or photos when using Snapchat. Mentioned Apps really helpful in capturing the stories without losing them.


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