How To Fix HTTP Error 500 on Internal Server of WordPress Site

Are you a running a website and often face the HTTP 500 error? Then you have landed on the right page to find out the solution for How to fix HTTP error 500. But before I give you the solution HTTP 500 error you must know what HTTP error 500 is and why it happens?

How To Fix HTTP Error 500 on WordPress Internal Server

When your Website’s server will show HTTP 500 error then you can know something went wrong. But where the exact problem the server will never know. The messages of this error will show different for various Website. Don’t worry when you face this error because it is fixable. So here are the steps that will guide you on this issue.

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How to Fix HTTP Error 500 -Some Important Solutions:

HTTP error 500 occurs is one of the most annoying issues that a webmaster faces. Though it looks a bit complicated there are some easy ways to which you can fix this problem. So below are the most common reasons behind HTTP 500 internal server error WordPress and its solution.

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Check for .htaccess file:

If the .htaccess file given is misconfigured then it will form errors in most common 500 internal servers. So, you have to rename like “.htaccess_bk”. Generally, in your file manager, the public_html is presented in this folder. As the files are hidden you have to select show hidden option in the file manager settings. And check permissions to the to .htaccess which is commonly 644. This is one of the first solutions to how to fix HTTP error 500 on your site.

Check for PHP Version:

You can use PHP version above 5.3 and if you can see the “register_globals= on” line you have to remove it and refresh your site. The “register global” only supported in PHP 5.3 versions or more. With this method, you can solve 500 internal server error PHP.

Check for WordPress Plugins:

If you install WordPress Plugins then sometimes your website’s screen may show HTTP error 500. After new plugin installation if you have seen your website has shown the HTTP error 500 then you can uninstall the WordPress Plugin and refresh your website.

In some cases, if you can not access the WordPress dashboard. You can use CPanel or FTP to go to the plugins folder to the wp-content.

Firstly, change the name of the plugins folder. Secondly, one after another activate all the plugins and refresh the website. After refreshing you will check your website the HTTP error 500 is gone or not. If it’s still there, then the problem is coming from some other source which we will discuss below.

Check for WordPress Themes:

For themes applying the same process. In cPanel or FTP client WordPress themes are used. When the themes are activated then you can open the folder of ‘themes’ and change the name of the folder.

Automatically the default ‘theme’ will activate when you deactivate the current ‘theme’ and refresh your website. If you still see the HTTP error 500 after refreshing content than there is nothing wrong with the theme.

Check for PHP Memory Limit:

The themes, script, and plugins always occupy huge storage space. You must put your code “memory_limit = 64M” in your file php.ini in the home directory.

When WordPress files are corrupted:

If corrupted your core files in WordPress, then you re-upload a fresh wp-includes and wp-admin by installing a new WordPress file. Keep the wp-content folder untouched. If all the above-mentioned tricks don’t work then this solution is the last that you can use to solve the error 500.

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This article will help you to know How to Fix HTTP error 500 on your website. All the solutions mentioned above will work with various error sources present on your WordPress site. But mostly one of these solutions will work and solve the 500 error on your website. If you have any problems or issues then you can inform me in comments sections below.

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