How to Install Windows 10 on PC and Laptops

Those who are using the older versions of windows need to wake up. The new and better version of Windows is here for some time now. If you don’t know How to install Windows 10, then in this post I am going to provide you with some easy steps to install it. Windows 10 is a New OS in the Windows flagship developed by Microsoft. The versions of Windows before 10 are Windows 8, 8.1, 7 which was also good but some of the important things were missing.

How to Install Windows 10

But in Windows 10 you will get a whole new graphical user interface which is enabled with Icons, files, folders, apps, and softwares. It also has some of the new and old features that make it unique in the Windows Flagship. So let’s not waste any more time and take you to the important part of installing Windows 10.

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Some Key Features of Windows 10:

The amazing features that Windows has always provided has become their USP in the market. As it is most popular and loved among its user, people always want something new in its features. So below we will take a look at its features.

  • The old start menu is back and has a new look and features. which will help you to navigate easily.
  • The metro interface can be accessed with its live titles from the right-hand side of the panel of the start menu.
  • Here you can change the mode of the touch screen to a keyboard in a device that supports both.
  • This version OS Windows is available for Laptop, PC, Smartphones, and Tablets.
  • You can find any files or folders with the search option provided in the start menu.
  • The virtual desktop available in it has available, helps to create multiple desktop environments.
  • One thing with this OS is that you can switch between apps easily.
  • In both admin and user owned computers, you can enable the containerization to secure and manage data.

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How to Install Windows 10 for PC, Laptops:

Windows 10 is the standard bearer for Microsoft Windows series. And to experience the amazing features that  I have mentioned above you have to install it ad use it on your PC.

  • First, you have to download the Windows IOS image. The process to download the web installer is very easy and now you can upgrade your computer.
  • Instantly prompt your computer if any version of Windows is already installed in it.
  • If you want you can burn it on a bootable USB Pendrive or a disk.
  • Click on next until its Prompted then chooses the upgrade button.

How to Install Windows 10- Some easy steps to Follow:

So here will show you the possible ways through which you can install Windows 10 from various storage devices such as USB, DVD.

How to Install Windows 10 From Pendrive:

  • At least a 4GB USB drive should be inserted in your computer.
  • Now as an admin open the Command Prompt.
  • Run the disk part which will allow you to manage and make partitions of the disks.

How to Install Windows 10 From Pendrive

  • Then run the Run list disk on your computer.
  • Then select the Pendrive that you have inserted in the computer.
  • Now Run Clean which will delete all the data on your drive thus removing all the partitions and volumes.
  • Create a partition with your choice.
  • Now use the Ntfs file system and do a quick format.
  • Active the recent partition.
  • Now exit the disk part.
  • You can use Virtual CloneDrive to Mount the IOS.
  • Now install the boot sector by navigating to the mounted image.
  • The content of the ISO should be copied to your flash drive.
  • Now click on the install button to install it on your Computer.

 How to Install Windows 10 from DVD:

  • Insert a DVD with at least 4 GB storage memory in your Computer.
  • Now get Windows 10 media creation tool download from the link provided below.

Download Media Creation Tool

  • Then run the media creation tool and select the option to create installation media for another PC.
  • Click on next button after you have selected the installation process.
  • Choose USB flash drive or ISO filed and click on next. (Burning To DVD later).
  • Click on next after selecting the
  • After the media is created for you click finish.
  • Then Restart the computer with the USB or DVD inserted.
  • Now Boot from DVD by pressing any key.
  • Setup Windows by following the Prompt.
  • Now press F2 or F12 when the windows start up.
  • If you are installing Windows 10 over another OS then don’t forget to clean the drive.
  • Now choose Nothing and it will delete everything in the drive.
  • Now Install and get the ultimate experience of Windows 10.


So the above written are the steps through which you can know How to install Windows 10 from Pendrive or DVD. It is very easy to install and access, so install it on your PC and experience the ultimate graphical interface. Now you know How to install Windows so install it and let us know how you feel about our post by commenting in the comments section.

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