How To Lower Screen Brightness Even More on Laptop – Top 5 Apps

When using a laptop it may troubles you on how to Lower Screen Brightness Even more on Laptop. Well, then this article may help you to solve this issue. So you could reduce your laptop screen brightness to save the power. The time using a laptop it consumes more battery if the screen brightness is not reduced.

How to Lower Screen Brightness Even More on Laptop

High screen brightness is harmful to eyes and could affect the battery life of also. You can low the brightness manually either with the help of using Applications. These Applications are pretty much helpful in lowering the brightness with making any problem.

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Why Lower Screen Brightness Even More on Laptop?

Generally, most peoples do not notice the measurement of brightness while using on screen. It’s really effective for your eyes if the brightness is not turned to low. Some people use spectacles while using a laptop and some use screen guard just right before the display.

Eyes protection is necessary for everybody, in order to watch, see or look. Staring at the laptop screen is annoying which can truly damage eyes. One must lower screen brightness even more on the laptop for eyes safety and avoid the risk.

For looking most of the time on a laptop can cause many other serious diseases also.

In a laptop, there are many Applications and Softwares which run in the background as per the user’s usage. If you go at task manager option than will able to see the stuff which performance consumes battery. So for  these reasons  you have to know the process of how to lower Screen brightness even more on Laptop

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How to Lower Screen Brightness Even More on Laptop using Applications?

I discovered that it really bothers when a laptop screen brightness harms eyes. In the daylight, everything seems good while working on laptop but at night it really effects. So, I brought some Software Applications for minimizing the default option to lower screen brightness even more on the laptop.

5 most useful tools which are helpful to lower screen brightness on platforms like Windows, MacBook, Linux. And these Applications works fine in a direct way in light weight. You could compare the brightness yourself when using the Applications on the laptop or PC. Below is the list of apps that will help you to learn how to lower screen brightness even more on laptop.

1. Pangolin Screen Brightness:

It’s a great source of utility for lowering screen brightness and performs well. Pangolin Application does not require the .Net framework for reducing brightness. It’s just a simple 118 Kb sized of a single .exe file without an installation process. No configuration needed and simply executes to start working after installation will minimize to the taskbar. To get the menu option right click on “P” icon indicates on the screen.

Download Pangolin Screen Brightness

2. Monitor Brightness by Jockersoft:

The application of Monitor Brightness by Jockersoft is a small utility which works great. It’s very effective and surprising which is simply only 18 Kb in size. The by default exe file requires.Net framework 2.0 version will be available in most of the current Windows versions.

After the installation process, you will avail to see the icon in the taskbar menu which can be used for managing the monitor brightness. You can also set lower brightness into any values most between 0-100 percent. Dimmer monitor screen brightness value as per your usage.

Download Monitor Brightness

3. Dimmer:

Dimmer manages the screen brightness of your computer and the hardware, mainly it lowers the brightness beyond the limit of the hardware. The minimum brightness and the darkness are very beneficial for your screen and it is still excessive. This app can lower screen brightness of various kind of displays and screen such as TFT, LED and LCD.

Dimmer is not harmful to eyes and screen. If you Dim your computer brightness then power consumption will be less thus saving the life expectancy of the battery. It will make your computer to radiate less amount of radiation thus saving your eyes. Many laptops can lower their screen brightness less than their specified limit but some laptops are not being gifted with that kind of enhanced specification. So the Dimmer application is developed to make changes in the screen brightness section of all Microsoft Windows computer.

Download Dimmer

4. Brightness Control for MacBook:

This application is one of the most awesome tools for lowering brightness in MacBook. Screen brightness can be Dim with slider without any hesitation so you can go to sleep and watch. Then you can manage your important or favorite emails, message, and other applications instantly. The Brightness Control for MacBook is stoppable by reversing the entire control functions striking on the escape button from keyboard. The MacBook application is free.

Download Brightness Control

5. Flux:

Flux doesn’t lower screen brightness but it works for soothing and pleasure. It prevents from the harsh brightness of the computer. The sun gives us bright light at day time which is good for all living beings but to look at the same bright light at night will be very harmful to our eyes. The Flux application will automatically adjust our eyes in color scchema in the day time and it will mesmerize me in the night. So you can keep this amazing app on your list of top 5 application.

Download Flux

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Above I provided some apps that will help you to lower screen brightness on your PC. Each of these apps has their own unique features and may work differently in some computers. But the mission is same which is to adjust your screen brightness. So now you know the process of how to lower screen brightness even more on laptop. If you have any thoughts regarding this topic then inform us by commenting below.


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