How To Resize And Make Image Larger Without Losing Quality

People love to take a photograph and then later editing it on Photoshop. But they face one of the biggest problems is losing the quality of the image. Some times When you resize and enlarge a picture your picture has chances losing its original quality, your work will be unprofessional and you obscure yours images. Recently one of our site visitors asked us the possibility of how to resize and make image larger without losing quality? So to that question, my answer is yes it is possible to resize an image without losing the quality.

How To Resize And Make Image Larger Without Losing Quality

Images and photographs are an integral part of our lifestyle. It’s like capturing a moment or time in a format of the picture. We always like to share these photos on various social media sites and some image sharing platforms. But for doing that we need to lower or adjust the size of the photo before uploading it to any social platform. Sometimes the adjustment of size leads to destroying the quality of the image. So to solve that problem I have provided some methods that will help you to change the size without affecting the quality of the photo.

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Why Images Quality Changes When it Enlarged?

The Bitmap Application one of the most popular formats on the internet web site. The PNG and JPEG format are Bitmap files. Bitmap image provides you of thousand of pixels. Here if the picture is zoomed then you can really see the pixels as a rectangle.

How To Resize And Make Image Larger Without Losing Quality

Each of above pixels is mapping and it is fixed at the place on the images its name is Bitmap.  Most of the editing software cut down and expand this pixel to resize your images.  That’s why when resizing a picture to a lesser size the image looses quality. It’s because those pictures have become even in sight in quality.

One of the other problems occurs when you resize a picture for making it larger. The expanded picture becomes visible which makes the picture quality blur and pixilated. Below see the picture.

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How To Resize And Make Image Larger Without Losing Quality?

Now, the ultimate solution is to recoup for each expands pixel. So it can match the properties to the closest pixel. This process is called yclept simply Fractals and Fractals Interpolation. This technique will provide a much better result for the enlarge pictures.

Below are the picture editing software’s methods:

Using Perfect Resize With Adobe Photoshop:

When it comes to the photo editing, the Photoshop is majorly one of the most beloved of all software. It has some cool feature that can help your picture to adjust size without quality loss and give you perfect result to the resized picture.  An animated avenue to expand your picture; it is too simple it by serial 10% improvement.

Below are the steps on how to resize and make image larger without losing quality with Photoshop:

  • First, download Adobe Photoshop for Mac or Windows.
  • Then open your picture that you intend to expand using the Photoshop.
  • From the menu application, you can select your picture and Image Resize.
  • Then go to Pixel Damnation section and to change unit into the present. You can confirm the Constrain Proportions option that has checked to provide the kit value as the 110.
  • Then you go Resampling options and choose Bicubic. This process is for smothering.
  • Click OK to utilize the enlargement.

How To Resize And Make Image Larger Without Losing Quality by Adobe Photoshop:

Are you photo designing geek? Then I think you might know to Perfect Resize.  It’s kind of software that helps to resize your picture smartly.  Now it can also available in standalone software form as the plug-in for your Adobe Photoshop.

It favors resizing your picture into 10 parts to original size.  If you install Photoshop plug-in then directly resize pictures in the Photoshop. Below I show you its step that can help you:

  • Download the plug-in and install it.
  • Then launch the Photoshop and select the photo that you desire to resize.
  • Now go to the file then go to Automate than click Perfect Resize.

  • Now select Preset or you can manually enter the image size.
  • Then you go to fill and save yours change in the perfect resizes your photos. This picture will get saved on your disk.

How To Resize And Make Image Larger Without Losing Quality by Gimp:

The Gimp is just a great substitute to the Adobe Photoshop. Gimp also comprehends suitable resizing to your image and it helps you to expand your photo with minimum quality loss. Although its result is not good for Perfectly Resize your picture.

Below steps will guide to enlarge the picture in the Gimp without loosening quality picture.

  • First, you chose a picture that you can enlarge picture using Gimp.
  • Then go to the menu and select to image and click Scale Images.
  • The Scale Images window, you can see the chain link icon. Then you click on chain link icon to assure picture ratios for the maintenance purpose. Now enter to image kit, and then high value is automatically adjusted consonant to the kit value.

  • Inside the Quality option, you can click on the Interpolation value to Sync.
  • Then click the Scale Button and your picture will be displayed.
  • Then you save the carnet images, and you go to files and export as or chose the appropriate and location.
  • This enlarges picture will save your disk.

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Above mentioned are the methods through which you can know how to resize and make image larger without losing quality. These are the easiest methods that any one can use to adjust the images for uploading to a social media site. So without more to do try these steps and feel the difference in the image.

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