How to Root Android without Computer/PC – Using Top 5 Apk’s

How to Root Android without Computer? This sort of issue occurs when Android users aren’t satisfied with their smartphone usage. If anybody seeks to take out maximum performance from Android devices then must root their devices. Users often face troubles while using smartphones such as lags, bugs, slow performances. And this problem’s solution is to root the devices. Rooting can be done in PC which mostly preferred by many users but very complicated to do so. Has lots of different ways while rooting in computers. What if you could do it yourself on your device without PC? Here, this post will help users to meet their needs with some simple and easy steps to root up their devices.

How to Root Android without ComputerRooting can be done in PC which mostly preferred by many users but very complicated to do so. There are many ways to root your Android device with a computer. What if you could do it yourself on your device without PC? Here, this post will help users to meet their needs with some simple and easy steps to root up their devices.

How to Root Android without Computer?

Rooting any Android is really good but if not done in the right way that may affect or even can destroy the whole device for forever. As observed, most of the Android users have misconception while rooting their devices in a result the device to get destroyed. So it is very important for everyone to know how to Root Android phone with PC or without PC.

For Rooting Android devices without a computer, some APK files need to be downloaded through online mode. After downloading the said APK file which is listed below as the best responsive apps need to be installed. Those files can be easily into Android device by simply click at install option. Before the APK apps, you must need to enable the Unknown source option from device settings so can install in a proper way. Otherwise, the settings will block the application in order to install on the device. So make sure of that to enable it.

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What Root means for Android?

Rooting Android device is to remove all official accessible functions found since the particular model manufactured and get override access for Admin Permission upon it. After root completion, owner of the device can customize or modify to Android phone as per desire. It opens a new gateway for the device to run in other modes with a wide variety of setting or options into different Android forms. Rather than official OS given in device, users can able to install different OS in mobiles.

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How to Root Android without Computer – Advantages:

  • Get admin permission
  • Speed up device performance
  • Different custom ROMs can be installed in other Android versions like MIUI, or CyanogenMod or other available platforms.
  • In the root directory by editing vold.fstab file the internal memory can be increased.

How to Root Android without Computer – Disadvantages:

  • Privacy will be lost from the device.
  • Warranty will be destroyed.
  • Loss of data can seriously damage the device.

Note that Rooting Android without the computer is at own risk.

Top 5 APK files for Root Android without Computer:

You might know the process to root Android Phone with PC software but here are some of the best Apk files that will help to root your phone without a PC. You can also download these apk files from the links provided below.

1. Kingo Root:

king root


Kingo Rook APK file is the answer to the people who alway ask how to root Android without Computer. It can be download from the link given above. It’s one of the best APK files for rooting any Android device without Computer. Easy to install on the device and doesn’t makes trouble while rooting device.

  • Get the downloaded file from above and install it.
  • After install completion, run the Kingo Root app.
  • The display will show up the option to One Click Root click on it to process for rooting.
  • Wait for few seconds as it process until finished.
  • Root process completed will appear on the screen.

2. Z4Root:



Z4Root APK file is one of the oldest among Rooting Apps. It’s suitable for the device to Root Android without a computer. The file is used by many users till now and considered as the best rooting apps. And thus, this APK is also rated best for its performance. Never been failed in the process of rooting. Recently the APK has received new feature for temporary root without losing data.

  • Download the Z4 Root APK from the link above.
  • Install the file in Android phone.
  • Run the App.
  • Click/tap on the Root option to start the process.
  • As the process begins for rooting the device, please wait for few seconds.
  • Soon the Android phone will be rooted.

3. Towel Root:

how to root android phone manually


The app is well known for rooting the phones of mostly for HTC smartphones. Towel Root APK file is designed for rooting devices in a safe manner. It will not brick the Android device just assured by the app. It results quite good as chosen by many users. Only, Samsung phones are quite compatible for root with the Towel Root app.

Before rooting device by Towel Root some necessary steps to take. Keep backup of the Android device. So, without losing any such desired data could be restored. You can take this apk as the best answer to how to root Android without Computer.

  • Download the Towel Root from the above link.
  • After the download, click for installation.
  • Once install finished then run the app.
  • Now, click/tap on Make it Rain option to begin root process.
  • It might take some few seconds or less than more to complete the process.

4. Easy Rooting Toolkit:

how to root android phone with pc


It is one of the most responsive apps to Root Android without Computer. The app is specially designed to root for Sony Smartphones. It installs “su files” in the phone along with Busybox. Easy Rooting Toolkit is patched for the devices but can be used. App has got new updated version 3.0 which helps to fixed bugs and adds new features into Android device.

  • Download the Easy Rooting Toolkit APK through the link above.
  • By enabling Unknown sources option from mobile settings, install the file.
  • Run the app for root.
  • Click/tap to root option and wait for few moments.
  • When root process done then simply give a restart to the phone.

5. Root Master:

root android phone with pc software


Root Master APK file is well known for its effective method to root your Android phone manually without using a PC. The best part of the app is its free to use for rooting purpose. Just one click needs to finish the task which results well. Many users have got really got satisfactory after the usage of the app. And it became the very first English APK file rather than other available apps.

  • To get the file just download it from the provided link.
  • Download Root Master APK file your device.
  • Install the APK on the device in an easy way.
  • Run the app and will show up for Tap to Root.
  • Click/tap on that option for root.
  • And wait few minutes to complete the rooting process.
  • Then restart the Android phone to get permitted for Admin.

Still confused whether root process worked or really not then download the file named “Root Checker” available at Play Store. Install the file at a newly rooted phone and run it to Verify Root. The device will show up that Root is Successfully done.

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Above mentioned details on How to Root Android without Computer is correct. Users can follow the steps root their Android devices for better portability and suitability process. Give a try to the device if wish to root the device and to experience something different while using the Android phone.


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