How to Share Internet in Airtel for Advantages, 3G/4G, 3 steps

How to Share Internet in Airtel is a kind of trick announced by the company Airtel. We all surrounded by mobile phones, which connect to the internet so as the major source to connect with others. Mobile data is all we need most to do the internet. But sometimes troubles to get, what if somebody shares with you?  How to Share Internet in AirtelIt’s convenient to share your mobile phone data with anyone of your friend or somebody else near you. In case, you don’t have data on your phone or exhausted current data. Then use the trick to send or receive data from same network operator users as from your dear ones. The service provider allows to share data with other like friends or family members.

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How to Share Internet in Airtel to Airtel Users?

The service is not tough although you can do it easily with a mobile phone. Earlier the company has introduced its trick to transfer the mobile balance in order to share with others at low balance moment. How to Share Internet in Airtel is a wonderful concept provided by its vendor. But the service only works with same networks users. It does not work with other mobile networks to consume the same benefit for self-enjoyment. Airtel announced many plans to share the internet for its users to get a new experience but only for prepaid users. The post users can have the same benefits but conditions apply as per the company terms. A plan has introduced by the Airtel which has great benefits to use called as One Family/ One Plan.

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  • Get the postpaid plan for your whole family which allows saving mobile network bills upto 20 percent.
  • Get unlimited calling.
  • Share internet data with your family members or with friends.
  • When consuming data track the data usage by setting the limits into options.
  • Just add a family member for Rs. 299 per month.
  • A single bill can be paid by just a single payment.

How to Share Internet in Airtel for 3G/4G:

For sharing internet data balance you need to follow some easiest way and that can be obtained from the official page of Airtel or with the My Airtel App from Play Stores.

  • Simply open the browser on the PC or laptop.
  • When browser showed up, enter to the official site.
  • The screen will appear with a view showing the plans and benefits into the page as shown below in the screenshot.

How to Share Internet in Airtel – 3 steps for Android:

  • Download the My Airtel App from Google Play Store.
  • Install on your Smartphone device.
  • Run the App for having a convenient to share internet in airtel.
  • On the App, register yourself by providing your own mobile number.
  • The phone will receive an OTP, and then enter to verify yourself.
  • Then as you entered to your account, tap on the Family Plan option.
  • Choose your plan as per your desire and suitability.
  • After that follow the options to Add the Family members or friends with your current plan.
  • Add your dear ones for sharing the internet with you and enjoy the whole segment of internet at affordable monthly bills.
  • When adding any such members with you will be asked for verification via SMS.
  • Make sure that they need to be verified themselves to get this benefits.

Terms & Conditions to be followed:

  • To share internet in airtel data balance for 3G/4G add your mobile number.
  • And to share airtel internet with other Airtel numbers need to add numbers.
  • The warning alert will be notified to all the Airtel family members when their shared data balance reaches the limit in descending order 100 MB to 50 MB, then 10 MB and upto 0 MB.
  • Maximum number can be added upto 4 numbers.

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Details on How to Share Airtel Internet is correct in all sense. One must try this trick to fulfill the needs of sharing the internet with others. Internet sharing can be done with this process in safe and secure manner. Users are able to manage all the bills and payments after every month of usage in an easy way.

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