How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10 – Using Tools & Keyboard Shortcuts

Hey guys! Actually, today is my birthday and I pray to God to bless every people that has a good soul. Today I will go for a birthday bash with my family members and my girlfriend but keep that party for the night. I will write about how to take a screenshot on windows 10? The answer to this question is not that tough but many people get troubled while taking a screenshot.

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10Some of the people seriously do not know that how to take a screenshot on the windows 10. So if you go through this post of mine seriously that you don’t have worry about it. Windows 10 as the new OS may cause the confusion but with my tricks, it will be as easy as a pinch. So below you will get every possible tool or solution to take a screenshot of Windows.

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How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10 – By using Tools & Tricks:

1. Snipping Tool:

Windows 10 Snipping tool made by the Windows is the best screenshot tool. Since Windows Vista came to the market the Snipping Tool was also included in for making the desirable screenshot. You can find the snipping tool on your laptop or the computer. 1st you go to Start menu then go to the All Programs and then go to the Windows Accessories and then click the Snipping Tool.

When you use snipping tool then you can click the new button and then you can create the screenshot method. Its default menu type is the square snip. You will use your computer or laptop mouse to crop the square part of your PC’s screen for the capture. Here you also can take the window, full-screen snips and the free- form with the Snipping Tool. Actually, Snipping Tool does not save automatically but your screenshot and you will save your screenshots manually.

2. Print screen:

Here I will show how to take a screenshot on a pc keyboard shortcut so that you can click the PrtSc button then to capture your PC’s entire screen. But your screenshot will not save on PC but rather your screenshot will be copied to a clipboard windows 10. And now you can open the image editing tool and then you can paste your screenshots to here and save this file.

3. Windows Key + Print screen:

With this option, you can capture your whole PC screen and screenshot will be saving automatically. 1st you can click or tap the Windows Key + PrtScn.  Then your laptop or PC screen will shortly go blurred to signify that you have definitely captured the screenshot. And your capture will be automatically saved in your PC’s Pictures or your PC’s screenshots folders.

4. Windows Key + H:

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10 with direct sharing? Here you would enjoy capturing your whole PC or Laptop’s screen for the sharing reason then you can click your PC’s keyboard shortcut key Windows Key + H. and then it will capture your whole PC’s screen and now you can open your PC’s Windows Share toolbar and then unusually you can share your screenshots with your friends or loved one via Facebook, Email, Twitter and the OneNote etc.

5. Alt + Print Screen:

If you want to take an immediate screenshot of your PC’s operating window, you can click your PC’s keyboard shortcut key Alt + PrtScn. And it will capture your presently active PC’s window and it will be copied to your laptops Clipboard. Now you can open your image editor then you can just save your PC’s screenshots.

6. Snip Editor:

Microsoft Snip or the Snip Editor is the Microsoft Garage activity and it will work slightly better than a Snipping Tool but actually, this is my opinion. Microsoft Snip or the Snip Editor allows you to firstly get screenshots of your whole PC’s screen, or a manually you can crop an active PC’s Window and actually you can click your PC’s keyboard shortcut key PrtScn button to edit with your screenshots tool.

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These so-called tools and tricks will definitely help you to take a screenshot of the screen. So that you can save anything or everything running on your laptop screen with a single screen. Use these techniques and have fun, as of now how to take a Screenshot on Windows 10 has become easy. If you have any form of queries then let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

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