How To Unblock The Host File Mac – Using 3 Easy Steps

How to unblock the host file Mac? It is a very important topic that I am going to tell you. For removing lines from your host’s file you must make changes in certain domains which will point you when you can access those lines on a browser or use these in other software. You can block particular hostname such as malicious/ ad-serving hosts, or also use for web development purposes which will direct your domains to local addresses.How To Unblock The Host File Mac

But at present, some distractions are pull in from works. Always it can check your emails, reading your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat feed, or watch YouTube videos, etc. These blocking websites keep you productive during works. Here in this post, you can get three methods which can help you to unlock hosts file Mac.

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How to unblock the host file Mac:

Below you can get three methods to get how to unlock hosts file Mac.

Method: 1

Using the Terminal app:

Step – 1

Open your Terminal app.

Step – 2

Write the command line and click the Enter. Then certainly it will ask your Mac administrator password.

Step – 3

Once you have entered your administrator password. When the password was done then by the Terminal your host’s file will be automatically opened.

Step – 4

Click the up or down arrow button for creating a new line. Then write the IP address ( + “Space” + “Website address or URL”. And write another Website address or URL following the same process.

For example: www. Google. Com www. Omghowto. com

Step – 5

After successfully the sites done list or URLs, you can press the Ctrl + O for saving the hosts file and click on the Return button. For exit the screen press the Ctrl+ X.

Step – 6

By using command line blow you just flush the existing cache file. The command line blow can refresh the entire exiting cache file on host database.

Now open the Websites or URLs which you have blocked. But remember if you have to edit the earlier host file correctly then you could not able to access Web sites or URLs address.

And for unblocking you just delete the URLs or Websites which you need to add to the host’s file and one thing doesn’t forget to flush as well as the DNS cache.

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Method: 2

Using the Built-in Parental Controls:

The built-in Parental Controls method helps that how to unblock the host file Mac and it is very easy to use on your Mac and by using this method you can easily know how to edit hosts file Mac. Through by this method you can also know how to directly block user accounts from accessing some other websites. Here are given steps which will explain you by using Parental Controls how you can block Sites.

Step – 1

Sign in a separate user accounts for your children.

Step – 2

Browse your Apple menu bar and tap on the System Preferences option.

Step – 3

Now choose Parental Controls button.

Step – 4

Choose the Lock button and you will get the lock button the end of the window on your display screen.

Step – 5

After selecting Lock icon, now you can put a password on Mac. Now tap on the Unlock.

Now you can see two options on your screen, you just choose “Create a new user account with parental controls” and click on the Continue option.

Step – 6

Choose user account which accounts you need to lock. The MacOS has provided controls under the five categories such as The Web, Time Limits, Apps, People, and Other controls.

Step – 7

Select Web tab and you can see a customize button which has already selected a “Try to limit access to adult websites” option you just click the customize button for to know how to unblock the host file Mac.

Step – 8

If you don’t block the given websites on the list but you need to block another website then you can choose “+” option and write the websites name or URLs.

If anyone tries to open the site then a notification will be visible on the screen telling that the page is not visible on this website.

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Method: 3

Using the SelfControl (Third Party App):

The SelfControl app is an open source app for your MacOS and it is a free app. This app will help you to block your own access to webmail, sidetracking websites and something more on the website. It will enable you to block websites for a particular time of amount.

When you need to concentration a project for minimum two or three hours without using Twitter, Facebook etc. then you can set the timer for two or three hours to block the websites. After the time limit expires it will be unblocked automatically. Below is the process for to do the app.

Step – 1

Click here to download the SelfControl app.

Step – 2

After downloading open the app.

Step – 3

Tap on the button of Edit Blacklist.

Step – 4

Tap on the “+” button for add the website which you need to block on Mac.

Step – 5

Now close the blacklist window and pull in the slider in the main window for setting the timer how much you need to block it.

Step – 6

Now finally click the Start button.

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Above I have mention three easy methods of how to unblock the host file Mac. Here I also mention the third party app hopefully it also helps you very well. Now apply these methods and get solved your unblock issues. If you can see that Mac hosts file not working or any other problem related to the unblock hosting file then ask me by commenting below. Always I will try to solve your issues.

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