How to Install IPA on iPhone – In 4 Easy Method To Follow

Do you know how to install IPA on iPhone? If not, then step by step I will guide you to doing this. You have to install IPA on your iPhone App or Without App. Now here I will mention four ways to install IPA on iPhone with the app. You know that both Ipad and IOS devices store their files in .ipa extension. So you need to install it to run and store all the files on your device. Here you will learn how to install IPA on your IOS device without online or using any kind of jailbreaking software. Go through the below-written process to get the IPA on your device so that you can store files.

Install IPA on iPhone

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How To Install IPA on iPhone Without Jailbreak:

Here I will mention four ways to install IPA on iPhone. Below are the ways-

How to install IPA on iPhone with iTunes:

You will directly install IPA on iPhone with the help of iTunes. These following steps will perfectly guide you to install IPA.

  • Connect Phone to your PC and do the iTunes launch.
  • Pull on the app’s .ipa file in iTunes library.
  • Click Sync and then tap into the Done option.
  • If the IPA app was priorly backed up from your PC then you should know that your installation was complete without any ado.

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How to install IPA on iPhone with iFunbox:

iFunbox is a very easy to install IPA on iPhone or iPad. Here are some steps to follow and install it.

  • If not already installed iFunbox on your device. Then Go to and download it.
  • After completing the downloading iFunbox, you can install it.
  • Now connect your iPad or iPhone and launch iFunbox.
  • Move the iFunbox APK on File Browser and click the figure as shown and choose User Applications.
  • Click the install app button and choose the IPA file and tap on the Open option.
  • The installation process will be Successful.

How to install IPA on iPhone with Online Method (Diawi):

Through the Diawi tool, you will directly install on your device. I will provide some steps you just follow them for install IPA.

  • Open this link
  • Upload your app and this provisioning account.
  • Use this link yourself or forward the link to your clients, testers or friends.
  • Open link on the iOS device and click the install option.

How to install IPA on iPhone with iTools:

iTools is an another best way to easily install IPA. Below you will get some easy steps.

  • You have to connect your phone to your PC and launch iTools. Then you get to download iTunes from given links.

Download for Windows 10/8.1/8/7

  • Click the left-hand side and go to Applications.
  • Now tap on the install option.
  • Choose the IPA file and click on Open.
  • Now the installation process is successful.


Above I have mentioned is a very easy process to install IPA on iPhone. I have provided four ways to install IPA. Hopefully, it will very helpful for you. Now install and enjoy it. After installing IPA your can share your experience with me by commenting below.

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