How to Download Lucky Patcher for Android Devices

Want to download Lucky Patcher for Android? Then luckily you have landed on the right page. Lucky Patcher is one of the most useful tools that you can use on Your Android device. It permits you to eliminate and patch the license check for any app. The Lucky patcher will enable you to get the control of the apps present on your device.

How to Download Lucky Patcher for Android Devices

You can also restrict the flow of annoying advertisement so that you can get a distraction free environment. And it also allows you to do other tasks with this app that you will notice while using it. Here I am providing you with an easy to learn guide to download and use Lucky Patcher for Android devices.

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Lucky Patcher for Android – Some key Features:

Lucky Patcher for Android is used for hacking many apps on any Android Devices. But here we will be discussing some of the important features of this app. These features will let you use this app to its full potential.

  • This app helps you to remove license check from many popular apps and games such as Pokemon Go.
  • Unwanted annoying ads generated by different apps on a Smartphone can be stopped.
  • You can also change some apps so that they can do other tasks.
  • Backup of your apps can be made through lucky Patcher for Android, so you can restore them later.
  • During an ongoing booting, any app can be patched.
  • It has a color-coding skill which helps us to choose the tool that we will use for specific work.
  • The Google ads can be removed with this app so that you can continue the work without any disturbance.
  • It uses very less charge of the battery after a use for eight hours.
  • You will get Lucky Patcher IOS, Android, and Windows.

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Lucky Patcher for Android – How to Download?

The Lucky Patcher app is a very useful but you will not get it from Google Play Store. You will learn the downloading process of lucky patcher apk here. Following are the easy steps to get this app.

  • Click on the link provided below to download the apk file of this app.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

  • Now go to the folder or file where the apk file is saved.
  • Before installing the apk make sure that you have enabled install from unknown sources.
  • Then click/tap on the apk file to install the app on your Android device.
  • Wait until the installation process is over then click/tap on the icon appears on the home screen.
  • Now you can use this app to remove the license check of any of the apps installed on your device.

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Lucky Patcher for Android – How it Works?

This far in this article you have learned about the downloading process of Lucky Patcher. Now here I will show you the process through which you will learn how to use this app for removing license check from the apps installed on your device.

  • Click/tap to open the app first and then minimize it.
  • Now go to the app that has to be hacked using Lucky Patcher.
  • Visit the purchase section and click/tap on the buy option.
  • Now instead of in-app purchase window from Google, lucky patcher window will open.
  • There you have to Tap on buying this app and it will be a hacked automatically.
  • Now you can open it to take advantage of it fully.

Lucky Patcher for Android- Some Alternatives:

The Lucky Patcher app is the best app, but those who want to use apps rather than lucky patcher for removing License check can look up to these alternatives that I have provided below.


It enables you to hack any app on your device using fake wallet from Google. But One major problem that this app faces is that it is not very reliable for other apps. You can surpass the payment gateway easily.


If you are a Game lover than this app is one of the best apps for you to use. It doesn’t need any rooted device for installing, so prefer it to be the best advantage of this app.

IAPFree IOS 9.3.3:

This app is famous as Lucky patcher for Apple. All the in app purchases could be bought free with this app. Most of the apps are compatible with IAPFree. You will get this from Cydia store.


This post is all about Lucky Patcher for Android and you can easily download it from the above written easy steps. The features and the  How to use it sub heading will help you to know this app more and use it easily. So now it would not be that much tough for you to download and use lucky patcher on your device. Comment below if you have any thoughts to share about this article.

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