Top 20 Must have Android Apps 2017- Features and Advantages

One Must have Android Apps 2017 in their Smartphones? Nowadays, a smartphone is a powerful source for everyone. As it brings us a load of apps with a wide variety of functions into it. The brand new smartphone contains many apps in its memory by default or by third-party apps also. Top 20 Must have Android Apps 2017- Features and AdvantagesApps for smartphones provides to meet our needs so as to fulfill them according to users desire. At the same moment, we receive the wide range of apps in smartphones. If any user wishes to know about some best apps for the smartphone than this post might help them. And can ensure a certain way to install the best well known and popular apps.

List of 20 Must have Android Apps 2017:

Must have Android Apps 2017 in your Smartphone. These are very popular among the Android users from past years. Appreciated by million of users for its best services by apps. All the apps deliver best effective results and claimed high benchmarks. Just feel free to use these famous apps into your smartphones to have something different on the phone.

1. Feedly:

must have apps android feedly news reader app

Download Feedly

Start your day with every news headlines into the pocket. Makes the day easy to have every news on the palm. Feedly is a news feed reader which helps to get most updated news all around the world. It helps to let us know regarding information’s from every aspect to get feed. In 2013, Feedly beat down to Google news reader and left behind Google feeder far away by its service given to users over the past years.

Works just like the Google used to but the Feedly been better admired by most users.  Easy accessible while searching any content or topic. The app is well designed to interact users all with bundles of simple steps so could use by everyone in a convenient way. Best known for its feeding news performance and known as the news aggregator. So I have mentions Feedly in the number one position at my list of Must have Android Apps 2017.


  • Feeds every kind of news from top websites such as New York Times,, CNN and much more.
  • Every can be seen and approach them as desired by the users to know in depth from the world.
  • Quite convenient while searching any keyword for the news as the app bring to interact on what topic is going to search for the user.
  • Headlines are quickly scanned so to perform for fast feeding pieces of information.
  • Allows organizing various topics as preferred by users.
  • Personalize home screen and get the best results
  • Quick responsive to bring news as from the latest updates.

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2. Pocket:

must have android apps india pocket news reader app

Download Pocket

The pocket is a popular Must have Android Apps 2017 for the users to read articles in suitable ways. It has over 22 million registered users who use it and getting appreciated by many other peoples. It was earlier known by the name as “Read as later”. Pocket allows reading information in offline mode mean while it’s an offline reading app which works seamlessly.

Pocket offers bookmarklets, any web page could be saved for the online reading purpose, it seemed that people mostly prefer to save any desired articles on pocket apps. A good solution for saving time to read any such topic without losing valuable time. Others like images or videos can be saved as offline at the very same time while saving articles.

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3. Google Chrome:

google chrome browser

Download Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers as developed by the Google itself. Every brand new Smartphone in nowadays has Google Chrome app by default in its memory. It cannot be deleted or uninstall from the device by anyway. It allows synchronization between mobile to desktop. Displays bookmarking for any topics, passwords to save when logged via Chrome browser into profiles. So it is a Must have Android Apps 2017 in your Smartphone.

The best part of Google Chrome app, it consumes fewer data and saves up to 50% of data while browsing even after the high usage. It’s a fast browser with a quick response along with intuitive gestures. You could have used voice search to find answers or results without typing on the mobile screen.

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4. IP Tools:

Download IPTools

An Internet protocol tools help you to find your IP address. The IP tools are very powerful for network analyzation. The network connecting in public internet protocol network information and fairly location. Mac address as per the global gateway and global IP database and much more. It has the good rating since available at Play Stores which  4+ among Android apps after huge reviews. :


  • IP Calculator- If you are a network designer then you know what is ‘P’. This perhaps will collaboration you in acquire IP address.
  • LAN Scanner-LAN Scanner can speculate your information to your devices on the tropical network.
  • It acquires to access to vibrator by taking permission on Android devices.
  • Allows accessing approximate locations.
  • App providers to access information about local networks or WIFI
  • Provides to access over changing WIFI connectivities.
  • It prevents the mobile processor from sleeping.

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5. Money View:

money view app

Download Money View

Money view is the helpful app and Must have Android Apps 2017 because it’s the advanced financial app. It doesn’t need a setup to get yourself registered into banks official app for mobile banking. It fully notifies for billings and other money transactions. All the transaction held specifically shows in different categories. It has cash management tools and it has daily summary through money view and but money view receive weekly and monthly summarized.

This money view app supports and compatible with all kind of Android devices. Money view app in above Android 2.3 is available it can fast and has many users. And this app is manufactory greatly without any technical blockage.

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6. PowerAMP:

powerAMP music player app

Download PowerAMP

Poweramp is the best android music player app and Must have Android Apps 2017. It has a lot something different flavor which you can add in your busy life. The app can load audio files that the most of the Android player cannot play. The lists of Poweramp play are like mp3, ALAC, OGG, MP4, FLAC, APE, TTA or many other formats. It is one of the great hardcore music players. You can edit your music album, artist, and title etc. And will able to customize and download your music; its lock screen has an amazing interface.  It has four different desktops destruction and lock screen is two types. It can provide you able to play and stop or skip your music. Poweramp latest version 2.0.10 is available on the internet.

It is one of the great hardcore music players. You can edit your music album, artist, and title etc. And will able to customize and download your music; its lock screen has an amazing interface.  It has four different desktops destruction and lock screen is two types. It can provide you able to play and stop or skip your music. Poweramp latest version 2.0.10 is available on the internet.

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7. Solid Explorer:

solid explorer file manager app

Download Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is perfectly similar to MiXplorer. It provides you to a explore a different experience. You can do many tasks effortlessly that’s why we select Solid Explorer.

Solid Explorer will provide you many system options with activities, editing figure and charging permission. It will help you to play your media to any location and to look at on your TV. You can flow from your computer and any cloud mode. If you have root access then you can browse the root directory of your Android device also. You will be available to music, video and too short things in a picture. You can remote device storage like Media fire, Google Drive, FTP, and SFTP etc. Solid Explorer will allow you to transfer your files remotely crossways the network.

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8. JuiceSSH:


Download JuiceSSH

JuiceSSH is made for Android users for running above the versions of Android 2.3 and later. The App is all in one kind of terminal client which includes other supports like Local Shell and Telnet. The app is truly amazing and quick response for which its users get best results. Also to ensures security the file JuiceSSH v2.1.4 is verified by APK4Fun.


  • Terminal support for Android locally.
  • Like IRSSI, screen and Tmux kind of gestures are available.
  • Just quick change the font size by using the volume keys.
  • Colour terminal can be fully accessed or SSH client.
  •  Find characters with popup keyboards.
  • Can use external keyboards.
  • Also the Mosh support from its official site.
  • Themes are available in dark or light colors.


  • It’s a beautiful widget for fast accessing in currently used connections.
  • Automatically encrypted backups for the connections into AES-256.
  • Allows sharing groups connections among the team members.
  • Fully secure to lock automatically.
  • Connections are synchronized automatically with servers.
  • Fast and responsive connectivity for widgets with easy port forwards.

Released versions:

  • Juice v2.1.4
  • It totally fixes the bugs
  • To download the latest version is available at Google Play Store by the package name of com.sonelli.juicessh. Its from recent update 6th july of 2017

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9. Office Lens:

Office Lens

Download Office Lens

Office Lens is one of the best apps. Microsoft opened a new version app name Office Lens. Earlier it would available for Windows mobile but now available in IOS and preview version is available for Android. If you use office lens then your mobile and tablet will able to receive fast and receipt response, business card and sticky note, OneNote account, and whiteboard. Now, it generally works into below ways:

Step1- First install office lens on your device and it permits to access your device camera.

Step2- The default view will show up live camera view folder and here you will get to see the three types of picture and the picture are documents, whiteboard and photo then could capture an effective bright photo with a point of the camera.

Step3- When you want to frame any image from whiteboard and document without any issue you could take auto capture the image and movie around.

Step4- After the Office lens processing your picture and get a preview of your image. You will see the upper right corner the crop icon you want to crop the picture. And when you are done cropping then save the image.

Step5- It needs to sing up office lens account then able to take the picture and customize title. Choose the note to select it which will provide you to get drive account.  Here also available Email and PDF functions.

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10. MX Player:

MX player app

Download  MX Player

MX Player is one of the best media player app. it also available Android, IOS, MAC, Windows and it also available APK files. The MX Player has amazing feature and video quality. It supports high-resolution videos as you need to watch.  It’s user-friendly and easy to use. You can download the app from the play store.


  • MX Player able to play almost all kind of videos like AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLG, and AVI.
  • This application plays high-resolution videos up to 1080p also.
  • MX Player is too easy to use.
  • It has also available zoom out and zoom in.
  • It can support subtitle of the videos.
  • You can watch different language movies and obtain the subtitle.

The MX Player has always been the best video player app for users among the Must have Android Apps 2017.

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11. Stumbled Upon:

StumbleUpon app

Download StumbleUpon

It is a social network app and it helps you to find web contents and its user. It discovers engine that recommended to you and I recommend it as Must have Android Apps 2017.

Entertainment likes art, fashion, humor, sports, technology and photographic and whatever you need. Toolbars account exists for  Google Chrome and Firefox and internet explorer and Safari. It also works independents Mozilla base. It is also available windows android, Amazon app store or IOS. If you have URLs and blogs then can share and post through the app. It’s a good way to get traffic to your blogs or your websites. And I hope it will help you to acknowledge views and new ideas.

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12. Authenticator:

Google Authinticator app

Download Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a most useful app. Intruders and hackers cannot hack out your accounts in any way. The Google Authenticator will use 2-factor purpose. Some website does not support authenticator. We use it to secure our Google accounts and I list it as Must have Android Apps 2017.

Now how to install Google Authenticator? Download and install the app from Play Store. To Sign in and you will be asked to verify yourself by SMS or voice call. Follow the instructions to turn on 2 step verification for your account with an active mobile number. If you are a first-time user then authenticator will ask you to send a verification code to your valid mobile number in order to complete the process. If your code is correct then confirm the message and save to continue the app. The process can be done without the internet in offline mode. Link your mobile device to your account with using QR code or using the secret key. To test your device enter the verification code and verify your app.

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13. TVShow Time:

 TVShow Time app

Download TVShow Time

Are you addicted to TV serial? Then this app might help you to get most interesting videos of your favorite ones. Most of the apps aren’t much able to manage time and schedule but TVShow Time is best and it does.

If you missed TV shows or any favorite episodes then you can watch them with the help of TVShow Time app. It notifies the next upcoming episode videos in the profile section, where you will find how long you spend and share your profile with other people. Its database huge collections over 50,000 different shows will make crazy if you sit to watch them. All of them are summarized with respective titles according to date, time or cast for shows and TV serials. They are categorized into complete seasons and episodes with full information. The best part of the app is it lets you keep track for according to your desire. Your approach for favorite videos will not go in vain.

14. Relay:

Relay for reddit app

Download Relay

Relay for Reddit provides Android Reddit clients for its the Android users. It is completely striking while using on your device basically depending on about its designing, its functional support, so as the app performance and including its features. However, its android version is much useful and exciting than other versions for different platforms. It has some awsome advantages that makes it Must have Android Apps 2017.


  • Content or Comments can be flip in between at ease.
  • The design of the interface is great and excellent.
  • Multiple accounts and online pictures at previews with full support.
  • A uniqueness can be found as the functionality.
  • Parent comment while the conversation is allowed.
  • GIF are allowed to share or send.
  • The app is purely based on battery saving.
  • It runs smooth and quick functional.
  • Automatic optimization makes the app more convenient.

Note, due to change in Reddit policy Relay for Reddit renamed from early name Reddit news.

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15. WordWeb:

WordWeb app

Download WorldWeb

The WordWeb is a dictionary is something different app and a Must have Android Apps 2017 as search found by other search engines. It gives best results and you can easily understand any word synonyms and antonyms. It is also available in play store and Microsoft windows, IOS, MAC also. And it has also a great feature. It’s a free online dictionary for most great searches. You can search by audio pronounce also. The dictionary contains about 282,000 words in it.

It’s a free online dictionary for most great searches. You can search by audio pronounce also. The dictionary contains about 282,000 words in it. The sense definitions are available about 225,000 words with 70,000 examples. Easy text pronunciations of about 85,000 text and similar words, related words with synonyms are included. Languages like British, Australian, and other various languages etc. are found.

While typing the app will suggests maximum possible correct spellings give you the proper correct word. Other features are pattern matching, filter search, listing alphabetically, suggestion on spellings.

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16. Quora:

Quora app

Download Quora

It is a great must have Android apps 2017 for Smartphone users. Here you can find any question answer. If you don’t know the answer then you can question here to get correct and suitable answers. This platform is meant for discussions on various topics such food, lodging, science, fictions, education and even more on anything.

Quora has a user-friendly sign-up system. Here you chose two ways register. One is email and the second one is Facebook account.  When you register your Quora account then set your picture to your account and then start to follow peoples by asking them questions with your doubts and make them clear. Or become a questioner for others to provide answers to satisfy other users.

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17. Facebook:

Facebook app

Download Facebook

The Facebook is a great invention by Mark Zuckerberg. It’s a platform which connects millions into one place on the internet. Provides everyone to chat, share, tag, send or many more other things to do. Facebook is a popular social network. Allows creating your profile with a picture. When uploading videos to share to send or share to friends.

Also, make friends, accept a friend request or send friends request. You can send messages and can have live video and video chat in real-time. Facebook comes in 37 languages from all over the world. In Facebook, you can create a group with your friend and with your family. Now it has some amazing feature and version available in android to be downloaded. This is a must have Android apps 2017 that every Smartphone user should have.

Download Facebook app then you enter your name or phone number or email ID and then password and at last gender date of birth. And clicks sing up then Facebook gives you a confirmation code to your phone number or your email. Confirm the process with an email sent in your account or by sent code. Now access a whole new account to make friends by inviting them, send a request for other purposes like gaming, inviting for events etc.

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18. Whatsapp:


Download WhatsApp

Nowaday’s every Smartphone users are using Whatsapp. This app uses the internet to make the message, voice call, video call, GIF sending, document sending, audio file sending and user location or your contact number and video note also. And anywhere any locations you can send message sending services. It is also available on Play Store and MAC and Windows and IOS also. Whatsapp latest version 2.17.256 is available on the Internet.

First, download Whatsapp and install it, then verify your Smartphone by registering number, then read Whatsapp terms or conditions to agree and continue by confirming your country code and your phone number then Whatsapp developers give you a confirmation message and gives you a 6 digits numbers and you will put this number to your Whatsapp.

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19. Google Picasa:

Download Google Picasa

Google Picasa is an android application which allows making photo editing and a Must have Android Apps 2017. It organizes picture viewer and photo customization. It’s an advanced photo editing app for users with unlimited functions. The app can resize images, add colors, add effects, enhance multiple colors, crop photos. It gives the best way to organize existing images from the device. Face recognization can be organized by using the app functions.

At first time usage, Picasa will scan your drive it must take a long time. The app will scan photos and determines them including persons and groups through. Confirm the selection from the option to complete the process. Get more options about Geotags and tagging photos to organize. Online mode brings more functions and options to integrate its users into sharing photos and mailing them on social networks.

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20. Clash Of Clans:

Download Clash of Clans

And last of my last app is cash of clans. It is a gaming app. You can entertain yourself here with a great strategic game. One of the best game ever I saw as because appreciated by millions of users. It’s a multiplayer game and it plays online. It ranks at 20 on our list of Must has Android Apps 2017.

Playing is easy first, have to build your own clans into troops for battle attack with other players for earning points. Before the war, you can build a defense to protect your base. And create a base to upgrade your base walls, troops and all things in the town hall.

Clash of Clans is available in IOS and Android versions which can be download from Itunes & Google play respectively.  You can download Clash of Clans latest 9.105.10 version for Android users.

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All the Must have Android Apps 2017 are very useful. Apps perform in a responsive manner to deliver its best results. Very useful for those who seek to have a different experiencing from respective mobile phones. Most of them are free to download from Play Stores. Apps can be installed easily on any Smartphone running on Androids.

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