MX Player Download Apk for Android Devices- Some Easy Steps to Follow

Are you crazy about watching videos on your Android Device? And searching for the correct app so that you can enjoy any video on your device? Then MX player is the correct application for you to watch videos on your devices. Here in this post, you will get exact information and I will show you the easy steps for MX player download apk.

MX Player Download Apk for Android Devices

MX player is one of the most popular media app used by millions of people around the globe. It is number one choice for most people crazy about watching videos on their devices. In this videos player, you can watch videos of different formats and qualities. You can also stream videos online through this application. This app also has various features that will amaze you while you will use it. So in this post, you will learn to get the apk file of this app on your device.

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MX Player Download Apk- Some Fey Features:

This app is a very relevant app for watching videos on your Android device. The things that make it that much relevant is its amazing features. These features will help you enjoy every media you play with MX Player to its full potential. So below is the list of features that make this app what it is today.

  • Videos of various formats can be played through this app such as Avi, 3gp, f4v, flv, mp4, etc.
  • Hardware decoding is possible with this application.
  • In it you can see the subtitles of the played video, so you can understand videos of different language very easily.
  • The audio quality of MX player is very good even if you are playing music at full volume.
  • Playing video from different sites via online streaming is also possible through this application.
  • Fast forwarding of videos can be easily done through MX player.
  • You can select the aspect ratio of the videos playing.
  • The user can toggle between the remaining times and elapsed time easily.
  • Some easy to use keyboard shortcuts like DPAD left/Right, Space resume and pause, menu shortcuts and seek back/forward are there in MX Player.
  • If you press the play button for a long time then the video will play in the background.
  • It is easy to navigate in this app due to its handy user interface.
  • In a matter of seconds, the MX player can scan your MicroSD card.
  • Various files and folders can be edited through this app.
  • Various themes are available so that you can select to change the view of this app every time.
  • If a video doesn’t have subtitles then you can get it from online through MX player.
  • The video that you are playing can be zoom in or out easily.
  • You can play high-quality HD videos through his app.
  • Full screen or half screen can be done while playing video.
  • You can use the keyboard for navigation smoothly in this app.

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Steps to MX Player Download Apk:

As you know that the MX Player is a very popular app and it is also available in the Google Play Store. But if want the Apk file then below are the steps for MX Player Download Apk.

  • First, click on the link below for downloading this app on your Android device.

MX Player Download

  • It will take few seconds to download on your device.
  • Then save the file to a specific folder where you keep all other apps.
  • Now, whenever you need it click on the apk file to install it.
  • Then enjoy watching videos.

How to Install MX Player Apk:

After the downloading is complete you have to install it on your device for watching videos. So below are the steps to install MX Player Download apk in your device.

  • First, go to settings and change the settings to allow unknown sources.
  • Then click on the apk file to start the installation process.
  • After the app is installed click/tap on the icon to open it.
  • Now you can play any videos on your Android device.

MX Player Download Apk- Advantages:

The above-written features are not on the only thing that comes with this app but there are also some advantages of using this application. They are as follows.

  • With it, you can stream videos from various video hosting sites.
  • Subtitles are there to understand video with different language.
  • You can use the shortcut keys to use it easily.
  • A video of any quality and format is supported in this app.
  • The playlist can be made of your favorite videos in this app.
  • You can also play videos directly from any hard drive and MicroSD card.
  • This app can be used on all the leading platforms such as Android, IOS, and MX Player for Windows Phone.
  • MX player can be downloaded free of cost.

Some Alternatives to MX Player Download Apk:

MX Player is the most efficient video player when it comes to playing videos. But if some people want to go with some other apps then below are the list of few alternatives of MX Player for mobile phone.

KM Player:

KM player is a great alternative to MX Player and it has been listed among the best video player. In it, you can play videos with different formats and qualities. It has similar features to MX player.  So you can go with this player as an alternative to the player you are using on your Android device.

VLC Player:

It is one of the most popular and oldest media player available on the market. It has all the features similar MX player. Except the sound quality is not as good as MX player but without using the full volume you can use it on your Android device. So you can go with this player as an alternative to MX player for watching videos.


Above I have provided you with the guide so that you can get MX Player Download apk on your Android device. I have also mentioned the features, installation, advantages along with the similar apps to MX Player. So that not only download you can understand this app easily. Now watching videos will be much easier and funnier with MX player.





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