Top 10 Best Free Online Alarm Clock Sites to Set Alarm

Are you using the old manual alarm clocks? Want to set alarm through new technique? Here in smartvive, I am going to show you how you can set alarm through online alarm clock sites apart from the regular clocks or smartphones. Alarm clocks are with us from the inception of the clock. It helps us to awake in time and also reminds us some of the important work. We are very much dependent and habitat towards alarm clock.

Online Alarm Clock Sites

From time to time the type of alarm clock has changed from old grandpa clocks to modern smartphones (alarm clock apps). But here we will try some thing different which is online alarm clocks. In these sites, you can set alarm so that it can remind you of your important tasks. And these online sites also come with some other additional features that will help you to remind every task you need to do when you are online. So below is the list of sites that will act as an alarm clock for you.

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List of Top 10 Best Online Alarm Clock Sites:

Online Alarm clock sites are as good as any clock from where you can set a reminder for your task. These sites also have some amazing features that you will know by reading the main stuff below.

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1. Online Video Clock:

online video clock

With this online video clock, you can set alarm with videos, and it gives your alarm a funny and entertaining tone. And below are the steps to set this alarm easily.

  • First, you have to set the alarm time.
  • You can choose a video from YouTube or can go with a suggested one.
  • Then go to the settings to confirm if everything is ok.
  • Then set the alarm.

You will get to select themes that are available on this website for your alarm clock. You will also get a snooze button with timer and online notes. It is one of the best online alarm clock site that I have listed in the number one position.

2. Sleep.FM:

Alarm clock website

With the help of this alarm you can play two alarms, when the internet server goes off then a backup alarm will be played for you at the same time you have set it. You can also bookmark the alarm times easily with this online alarm clock site. One of the easiest ways is that you can enter the URL in the address bar to set the alarm for your specific time. such as,,, etc. So it is also a good option for you to set the alarm for your important task.

One of the easiest ways is that you can enter the URL in the address bar to set the alarm for your specific time. such as,,, etc. So it is also a good option for you to set the alarm for your important task.

3. Online Clock:

online alarm clock

The online clock comes with some cool features which give you the opportunity to choose from a variety of clocks available in it. The size of the clock presented to you may vary from small to large. You can choose clock style from the other clock options apart from regular clocks such as video clock, analog clock, and military time clock.

With this clock, you will also get some other features such as countdown timer, fun clocks and stop watches which will be pretty much fun for you to watch. So it is meant to be one of the best digital alarm clock online.

4. ALARmd:


ALARmd is one of the best online alarm clock sites for alarming you. In it, you have to select the day and enter the time and the alarm tone to set your alarm. The tone you choose could be the one available on the site of you could choose a tone of your choice. You can also add music in MP3 format, videos from YouTube and from some other online streaming music sites.

A test button is provided to it, to make sure the type of alarm you want to set. In it, you can also customize the Time font size and color.

5. Music Alarm Clock:

online alarm clock

It is a simple music alarm clock, in it only you have to select the time, your favorite melody and then set the alarm. With this, you can select the radio station and music. So it is simple and easy to use an alarm clock and will favorite of those people who loves to set alarms easily through online websites. You can go to this website for your daily alarm.

6. Alarm Tube:

online sites for alarm clock

It is a simple to use an alarm clock and you can select a YouTube video as the tone for this alarm clock. The video you set could be from the featured videos or you can get it by searching. You can also set alarm using natural language. So you can choose this alarm website if you want a simple alarm clock.

7. KuKuKlok:


KuKuKlok is a simply styled alarm clock and it works effectively to wake you in time. it has a digital timer that will wake you up in the tone of Slayer guitar, military trumpet, electronics, classic clock, and Cockerel. All these tones have a good frequency and healthy sound that will wake you up. So it can be very good choice for regular old alarm clock users.

8. Online Stopwatch:

stopwatch online alarm clock

This is a simple type of alarm clock and the interface is designed as an analog clock. In it, you have to turn the alarm and select time with minute and hour arms to set the alarm time. Then select the green arrow to the time you want to set the alarm to go off.

In this, you can select the interface to be a roman or numbered clock. When the alarm goes off it will start to flash red. The tones will surely wake you up.

9. Naked Alarm Clock:

nacked alarm clock

This is a very easy to use an alarm clock and in it, you have to select the time and set one of the four tones provided to you. The set the alarm and add a note to know the task you want to do at that time. There is no nudity involved in it only the name is a Naked alarm clock. So use it to set the alarms of your alarm clock.

10. Clock Easy:

online stopwatch

Clock easy is a very useful application that you can use as your regular alarm clock, in it, you will get a chronometer and stopwatch. It has a very easy to set the online alarm clock in it. Only you have to select the time that will wake you up. This clock can be set in blog or web page of different websites. One other thing about this alarm clock is that it is very stylish in its looks.

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The above mentioned are the top 10 free online alarm clock sites to set alarm, each of these sites has their unique features that will amaze you in many ways. So you could go with these sites and set the alarm so that you could complete your task in time.

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