Top 10 Online Broken Link Checker For Website Owners

Do you want to know how to check broken links on your site? If not, then you don’t have to worry about this issue. Because in this post I will provide you top 10 online broken link checker tools. By the help of these tools, you will check broken links not only to your site you will check your competitor’s site also. If you find any broken links on their site then you can inform there.

Top 10 Online Broken Link Checker

So these tools will help you to locate broken links to various sites and then you can upgrade your link building strategy with it. These are very helpful for the broken link SEO of your or any other site. As there are many broken link checker chrome extensions and Mozilla add-ons available but I would mention the tools that you can work online.

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Details About Online Broken Links Checker:

Broken Links means frequently mentioned as a dead link. It is particular page link that is already malfunctioning.

When you will know that it is a broken link:

  • Always the website is unavailable.
  • The website page is outdated.
  • On a new domain, it is relocated.
  • It had to remove.

If you are the owner of a website then it is too important for you that visitors can always visit your site. And when you have an online business then having several broken links is not good for your web page. People will trust your website but you have to make sure that on your website all links are working very well.

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List of Top 10 Online Broken Link Checker:

Below I will mention best top 10 online broken link checker tools:

1. always show you that your hyperlinks are dead and also it will show you where exactly stale references are located in your HTML code. It is recommended by many professionals as one of the best online broken link checker.

2. W3C Link Checker:

The W3C Link Checker searches for problems in anchors and some objects in the Web page, links, repeatedly on the whole site, CSS style sheet and it also lists out the broken links. Firstly it ensures or not that the checked site to use the document has an Authentic (X)HTML CSS and Markup, for the best results. This link checker is a part of the Quality Web tools.

3. Link Checker: is used to check on a website for Broken Links. These links are links that lead anywhere, the link will show error page when you will click on the link option.


For each and every webmaster this tool is a very handy. will always check that your website contains broken the link or not.

5. free; it is a premium online Link Checker service. On your website it also checks for broken links like as a CSS, PDF, MS Office, FLASH, JavaScript documents and in your secure areas it also supported checking for broken links.

6. Webmaster-toolkit Checker:

Webmaster-toolkit Checker is totally free broken link checker. Only first 60 links on a page are checked with this Link Checker. When the tool does this work then you just maintain your patient.

7. tool will check that any other broken links are here on your web page or not. If you need to check more web pages on your website then you should try them separately.

8. broken link checker:

Your site maintained is not so well and broken links are giving this impression that’s why a broken link is not too good for visitors. For the broken links regularly you should check your website pages. On your website page, will find out to all broken links.

9. Link Checker: Link Checker is the best free Broken Link Checker. Firstly you just go to your website and choose the category with one or more for your website. Secondly, put your original email address. Then, enter your name. Now you just click “Check Now” option.

10. is another best Broken Link Checker. The using of this broken link is too simple to use with this interface. For a real-time result on your website click on the “Check” option and broken link scan.Enter URL.


Here I will mention some tools about Online Broken Links Checker. I think it will help you a lot. Now you can install and use these tools. If you face any problem with these tools then inform me in the comment section below.

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