Opera Mini Handler APK, Features, Use and Download

Wants to get free internet access anywhere or everywhere into Smartphone? Then must download the Opera Mini Handler APK. Anyone or anybody would be happy if they get free of cost internet. It allows us to connect with everybody in the world. opera mini handler apkOne click internet can take you to a different level of enjoyment by every means. A good source for the people to connect in every aspect for browsing any information, connect to social media and other various forms of business and also any other services. This post is very relevant for those who seek to have free internet in their Smartphones without any such data cost.

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Everything about Opera Mini Handler APK:

It’s a cool application for Android users for free internet. This Opera Mini Handler APK is hacked version which is released for Android Smartphones. You could have free unlimited internet with any network like Airtel, BSNL, Idea, and more available networks. The very first version of the application tested on Android Gingerbread 4.0 which have resulted perfectly.

The application allows using the free and unlimited internet by modifying the proxy and server address of the carrier network of the Smartphone. The Opera Mini Handler APK generally made for Airtel network but it also works for other networks.

It supports all the networks in 2G, 3G, 4G for most of the Android versions. Latest Opera Mini Handler APK version is 7.5 which reliable to have and compatible for most of the devices as mentioned in above lines according to Android platforms.

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Opera Mini Handler APK features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Fast internet connection.
  • Free and unlimited internet.
  • Works at zero balance.
  • Add host, http, and other proxies.
  • Server address can be filtered.
  • Add queries on the front, back and middle.
  • Add URL on the port to non-port.
  • Protected proxy servers provide to sign in with username and password.
  • Lots of bug fixes for the stable version.
  • Very reliable performance.

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How to use Opera Mini Handler APK:

There are some basic requirements which you need to know to accomplish your goal for the free internet into Smartphone. The application contains lots of networks, various customizations into settings, a wide range of options rather than normal browsers provides. The Opera Mini Handler APK provides some advanced settings for better enhancement users friendly settings. It’s a fully reliable application with easy user functions.

In Opera Mini Handler APK follows some necessary steps to change in settings:

  • Install the App in the Smartphone.
  • Go to APN settings in the to make some changes and then save settings.
  • And now follow some instructions for further process to get free high-speed internet and type http/index/medo.cgl/one.airtek.in or you could try another link in case you failed, so type for http/00A00/turbo-v/one.airtel.in by running the App.
  • Now give a try to browse the internet in your Android Smartphone.

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Opera Mini Handler APK settings for Airtel users:

  • First, create your new APN into phone settings.
  • Type a proxy to enter and follow the instructions to get the application.
  • Now run it App, it will ask for child code so enter www.nextwap.net
  • Then in primary server, you need to enter get.hike.in
  • Next in the front query type http/00/opera~/wynk.in
  • And in secondary server type
  • After followed all the instructions successfully, you just save them.
  • Now you have the whole new high-speed internet connection for free.

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How to Download Opera Mini Handler APK?

As the application is in the APK form, you won’t get it from renowned Android or IOS stores so you need to download it from other sites.

  • Download the Opera Mini Handler APK and install in the Smartphone.
  • After successfully installation, run the application.
  • Next, it will ask for child lock so enter the site at www.nextwap.net from your Smartphone background.
  • Enter the lock code, then the screen will show up for customization.
  • Now set some instructions carefully as mentioned below in 2 easy ways.
  • Proxy type: HOST[or]HTTP.
  • Proxy Server: one.airtellive.com:8080/
  • OR
  • Proxy type: realhost
  • Proxy Server: airtlegurus.in
  • Type in front query: http/ihi/nph-cgi/cgi-bin/airtelgurus.in

There are many other ways also to get free unlimited internet. The application has lots of settings which can be changed.

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Above post on Opera Mini Handler APK details which is really helpful for the free unlimited internet. You can download the file and use to download your favorite music, videos, and various other searches from the internet for almost free. Follow the mentioned steps to connect to the free internet world. The Application is safe to use for best results and trust worthy in every sense. Use it to get benefits for unlimited usage purpose.


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