How to Unsubscribe to Push Notifications in Chrome Browser

Are you irritated by the annoying Push Notifications in Chrome Browser? Then this post will guide you to unsubscribe the notification in Chrome.

Push notification has been originated from a server to notify the end user to receive alerts, the push notification in your mobile or computer does not require any kind of specific application to open them so that we can read the message. In this way, a Smartphone and a computer are able to receive an alert on as push notification. In this push notification, there are many kinds of alerts that show in a computer or a mobile phone such as social media or text messages.

How to Unsubscribe to Push Notifications in Chrome Browser

This media will always pop up on your screen if the device is connected to the internet. This type notification also pops up even if the device screen is locked, it will run on the back ground. Different types of devices and services have different tactics to show push notification. One thing about push notification is that people sometimes get irritated by this kind of unwanted alerts in their browser or some other app. So below I am going to show you that how to unsubscribe to push notification in chrome.

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What is Push Notifications?

In this article of mine I am going to show you how to unsubscribe to push notification but before that, I am going to brief you about push notification. The push notification is one kind of pop-up message on your device screen. It actually alters you about some of the websites or about some other unwanted tasks. There are many kinds of push notification alerts such as social media and text messages.

Push Notifications in Chrome Browser

Every time you connect your device to the internet this kind of pops up alerts show on your screen even if your device is in a standby mode, it will run in the background. This kind of unwanted notification alerts make people irritate but I will show some of the steps below so that you could get rid of these kind notifications in Google Chrome browser.

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Unsubscribe to Push Notifications in Chrome- Some simple steps:

In a computer, a user gets push notifications in Chrome from a website only after he gives the permission to that website to send him the notification. And people sometimes get bored or irritated by these notifications, whenever they open Chrome browser or visit a website through it. So, there are ways to stop this notification on disturbing you. So below are the steps to show you how to get rid of these notifications on chrome.

  • Go to the Chrome browser on your PC and locate for the bell symbol on the top of the navigation bar, the bell is the place where all the notifications of chrome are being displayed. Remember the bell only appears whenever any notification comes on chrome browser.
  • Then just click on the bell to see the dropdown to appear, and then click on chrome notification from the drop-down box. Then you will see that the notification displays on your screen.
  • After the notification opens then click on the gear icon on the browser to open settings there you will see a list of website that you have given permission to send you a notification.
  • Then from that list of website select that website you don’t want any kind of notification and uncheck that particular website.
  • After that uncheck website, you will not get any kind of notification from that particular website. So, that your problems with push notification get solved easily.

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Push Notifications are a valuable source of information. But during work, it is a bit annoying so above I have shown the steps through which you can unsubscribe push Notifications in Chrome. Now no pop-up messages will disturb you and you can do your work with full concentration.

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