How To Download QuickTime For Windows 10 – Install & Uninstall

Are you interested in using QuickTime for Windows 10? Bothering you on how to download QuickTime for Windows 10. No worry anymore now here I will guide how to make it possible with simple steps. QuickTime For Windows 10This player is very famous among its users and has gained the popularity among other video player applications for windows. But, it is important to clearly known about QuickTime Player. This application generally made for Mac users but you can have it for your personal desktop. It can obtain from the online which not tough to get so.

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About QuickTime Player:

QuickTime is an extensible multimedia frame and is developed by Apple Inc. QuickTime is a systematic of hold various aspect from panoramic images, pictures, digital videos, sound, and interactivity.

Below descriptions is about QuickTime player download, its important features, playing videos and installations.

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Features of Download QuickTime Player for Windows 10:

  • If anything is played on your screen from the computer you can easily record videos using QuickTime Player.
  • When using QuickTime Broadcast you will easily flux live videos in QuickTime server.
  • Assemble own videos when having an edit option for videos then you can rotate, trim, combine clips or split.
  • By the help of QuickTime, you can convert WMV, MKV or AVI for playback any formatting videos.
  • It is an amazing feature those QuickTime videos you can view in full screen.

How to Download QuickTime for Windows 10:

Below I will show you the process of QuickTime download for windows. So, you can also download QuickTime player for Windows 8 and as well as 10 with the same process.

  • For the download QuickTime for Windows 10, here you can Click on.
  • From the Apple supported websites you can download the QuickTime software for Windows 10. When the download process will begin you can simply click the download button of the QuickTime in order to install.
  • Then save the QuickTime Installer.exe to the run in your system. I will suggest you that you can choose the custom installation during setup, so will get more controls over the process of installation and application.

Steps to Install QuickTime for Windows 10:

Step: 1.

The default web browser you should open this in your Windows 10 and then go to the page in your Apple QuickTime.

Step: 2.

Apple will notify for the update in your mailbox, if you need the update version you can accept this or if you don’t  deny this message. It’s available on windows you can select for download button then automatically in your windows 10 personal computer QuickTime Player will be downloaded.

Step: 3.

Open the folder which is downloaded in Windows 10 from the personal computer and then you find out the administrative file QuickTime installer exe. You will double click in the administrative file and wait for sometimes.

Step: 4.

When you installed the unknown file from the internet if you sure about it or not. When you sure then click on the yes option.

Step: 5.

Click on the options to the next and progress has started. It is important that you have to know about terms and condition of the agreement in the license and besides you will be organized.

Step: 6.

In the next screen there will be two options one is custom and another is typical. From there choose another option (typical).

Step: 7.

If you want to get shortcut icon on the desktop screen then you must check the icon box during the installation process.

Step: 8.

Almost the installation process is complete now and then a window will materialize on which field you should click the finished option.

Step: 9.

Now, you have successfully installed the QuickTime Player for Windows 10 in your personal computer.

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Steps to Uninstall QuickTime for Windows:

Windows users can instantly uninstall the QuickTime from their computers and these advisings are declared as Computers Security Experts. Because Apple Inc provided no longer offer could not support QuickTime for the Windows Computers.

Here I will guide you to the uninstall QuickTime Player for Windows 10 and Windows 7.

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Uninstall for Windows 10:

  • Firstly, you have to click Start button.
  • Secondly, choose the “Settings” option.
  • Thirdly, select the “System” and then navigate to the “Apps and Features”.
  • And finally you will find the QuickTime from the list of the files, and select the option of the “Uninstall”.

Uninstall for Windows 7:

  • You can click on the Start button.
  • Choose the “Control Panel”.
  • Select the “Programs” and then navigate towards the “Programs and Features”.
  • And at last, you will find QuickTime in the list of the programs, and select the option to “Uninstall”.

How to Play Videos on QuickTime for Windows 10:

You have to still play some old QuickTime files and without QuickTime, you can easily play QuickTime movies in Windows 10. In there no real losses are.

Videos in QuickTime are .qt files and .mov. QuickTime videos are “containers” and that audio and video track encoded within the other codecs contains. In the history of QuickTime, it will support of codecs on a wide variety and will be modern of more because of .mov files within the different container cover about this files like as a MPEG-4 (MP4) or H.264. These are the additional cross piece stage and .mov file has fetching less ordinary in approval of .mp4 files.

.mov files are playing just excellent in VLC. It is a media player Swiss army blade and if anything you can hurl at .mov files that it will be practically playing. QuickTime video has played in VLC for that you have to success in always.

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I have provided everything related about how to download QuickTime for Windows 10. I hope you will enjoy for using this application. So, you can download QuickTime for your Windows 10. If you have any issues about the post then inform us, it will be very helpful for us. Also, use this QuickTime Player on your MacBook then you can get the best results about player usage.

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