How To Repair Corrupted External Hard Disk & Fix The Storage Disk

Are you stuck with your hard drive? Is really bothers on how to repair corrupted external hard disk? No worry anymore because this post will help you in fixing the issue with the correct solution. Emerged issues may be failed in reading your valuable data or files which is certain most happens in the case. It’s a major problem that overall causes you to endanger. Although the corrupt occurs for various reasons that will be discussed in the next para to let you understand specifically.

How To Repair Corrupted External Hard Disk

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What Are The Cause Of Corrupted External Hard Disk?

It’s a big factor when the external hard disk corrupted. At last is really annoying if happens to your external hard disk at usage. There can be various reasons for being failure external hard disk. Here are some issues that occur while corruption:

  • Most common case is the virus attack.
  • Secondly is errors in files system.
  • External hard disk ejected from PC in an improper way.
  • On the device, storage may have bad sector exists.
  • Or could be other vulnerable issues.

Note that to get rid of these above issues with correct manner than must be careful while plugging at PC or lappy. Check for virus with the help of software to keep the external hard disk healthy. Also, run the process from computer to rectify errors from bad sectors on the hard disk. It should be done regularly when plug or eject the external drive to the computer to avoid the corruptions.

How To Repair Corrupted External Hard Disk?

It looks like you have recognized the errors on your corrupted disk. If you wish to repair it than follow the below 2 methods very carefully. These are basically easy ways to do when the external hard disk gets corrupted without losing any data.

1st Method: Fix By Formatting:

  • Connect the corrupted external hard disk with PC.
  • From the options of corrupted disk click to the right.
  • Then select the format option.
  • Before formatting set file system as FAT or NTFS.
  • Finish the task by clicking on OK button.

2nd Method: Repair With The Manager Partition Software

You can also repair the external hard disk with the help of partition manager software easeus master tool. It is safe and properly secure to do so. The software can be found from the online at free of cost easily. You need to do is what install on the computer and run upon the corrupted disk to check errors for repairing on the disk.

  • Now connect the external disk to the computer.
  • Then using easeus software (partition manager tool) right click on the external disk.
  • From there select the option “check partition” and put a check on the “properties of partition” “call for windows for fixing errors” and last for “surface test”.
  • Finally, click on the OK option and wait few seconds to process it.


Repair corrupted external hard disk as mentioned in this post in the above lines. This is the easiest way to repair any corrupted disk with best results to have. Fix your corrupted disk partition manager software or could use multiple tools on the internet. Still, have any doubt regarding the topic or having difficulty at the time repairing to external hard disk then just let us know with your comments below here.

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