How to Safely Download Torrents Without Getting Caught

Nowadays with the various allegations arising for torrents, everybody is worried that how to safely download torrents file without getting caught or affected by a virus. In this article, you will get every thing regarding the safety of your torrents download.

How to Safely Download Torrents

Torrents are one of the most popular and easiest ways to get a file in your device. it is very easy to get a virus on your device while downloading a file through torrent. You might get caught while transferring a file with a torrent. So here are some of the techniques through which you can avoid getting a virus and caught up while downloading files through torrent.

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Avoiding Viruses for Safely Download Torrents:

Here I am going to discuss some of the tricks through which you can avoid getting a virus while download torrent on your device. So the techniques are as follows.

  • If you have a good quality Antivirus installed on your device then it will protect you from infected torrent files. If you are using a Windows PC then you will get the windows defender in it which will help you catch most of the viruses. From the control panel present on your POC, you can enable the windows defender for the protection of your PC. You can also use various good quality defenders present on the market such as Kaspersky & BitDefender.
  • When you want to download a file you must look for the torrents carrying lots of seeders. When a file has a lot of seeders then it means that it has no Virus in it. This is because other people have checked before and then started sharing the file. It is not guaranteed but you can trust what other people have trusted. If the seeders are more than the download speed will also be more.
  • The comment section of the download page can help you to show that this file infected or not. If there is a lot of comment and no comments regarding any issue of viruses then there are chances that there is virus. And if there are a lot of comments about potential threats of viruses then you must avoid downloading that torrent file.
  • Don’t try to download files from programs such as EXE, BAT, as this type of files mostly contains Viruses. Cracked programs are also very dangerous that you don’t want to download through torrents.
  • If you got an invitation for joining a torrent community then you are not going to get infected files through it. Torrent files are created by members and peoples of the community, so if you are a member they will not be forwarding a file full of viruses. It is difficult to an invitation to a community unless they send you a request.

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Avoid Detection for Safely Download Torrents:

You can get detected while downloading torrent anytime. But by following the below-written points you can avoid it.

  • Whenever you download a torrent file, the IP address of your network will be shown to anyone using the torrent. Your IP could be shown to the internet service provider and copyright enforcement agencies. You can take many steps to prevent your ISp from throttling your speed.
  • You can install a peer block on your  PC to prevent other torrent trackers to track your IP address. With the help of it, you will not be connected to these IP addresses. And it will also block them from taking any kind of entry on your torrent traffic. Your ISP will still know that you are transferring torrent file. But then also you can minimize some risk through this process.
  • To completely hide your identity from your ISP you can take a VPN service. this service will cost some money per month but it will hide your Identity any prying eyes. Your ISP will unable to tell that you are transferring any torrent data. Your real IP will not be shown to any organization that is tracking IP address. So in this way you can keep yourself anonymous.

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Now you people will know after reading the post how to safely download torrents on your device. Now you can defend your machine for viruses and also prevent others from tracking your IP address. So without any more to do download torrents and enjoy torrents.

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