Shazam Music Downloader – How to Download Music from Shazam Music

Here in this post, I will let you know how to download free music using Shazam music downloader. Before I approach that part, I will give you a brief description of what Shazam really is in case you don’t know then go through the next important part.

Shazam Music Downloader

If you somewhere listen to a music and you like it but you didn’t recognize it. But you are very much interested to download the song or the music playing. That’s where Shazam comes into play, actually, it works as a music identifier. It can identify any kind of music or song that has been played nearby playing. But if you want to download then you will need shazam downloader that will make you download any music that Shazam app recognizes. So in this post, I will discuss the downloading process of Shazam music downloader.

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What is the exactly Shazam Music Downloader:

If any music will play around with you then Shazam can identify the music and Shazam downloader app is the app which will help you to download any music that you can discover on Shazam. I have to remind you that Shazam only identifies the music but you can’t download any music on Shazam. When you need to download the music on Shazam then you need to have Shazam downloader online.

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Features of Shazam music downloader:

  • You can identify any music and can also download it.
  • Also get an option for multiple search result.
  • With one click you can download your favorite music.
  • Before downloading you can play the music on this app to check the music quality.
  • Along with these features, you can also check the duration of the music.

Advantages of Shazam Music Downloader:

  • At once you can download multiples music.
  • The User Interface of this music identifier app is very simple and clutter-free.
  • When you download any music from the app, at the same time you can do another task.

How to download ShazaMusic aka Shazam Downloader:

As you know, that Shazam Downloader or ShazaMusic is totally free app for Android. Do you know one thing, this ShazaMusic or Shazam Music  Downloader app is available only for Android you can’t get this app on another platform like iOS, MAC, Windows and Google Play Store? So, you need to the third party source for download Shazam Downloader. Before downloading this app from other third-party sources you have to make some changes to your Android device.

  • Firstly, go to the Settings option on your device.
  • Click the Security option.
  • Now open the Administration Section under the settings option.
  • Now check the Unknown Sources, which is Enable or not if not then Enable it.

After the process is complete, now it’s time to learn download mp3 via shazam apk. Follow the below-given steps which will properly guide you to download this app.

Step – 1

Click on the link, to get the APK file of Shazam Downloader App or ShazaMusic.

Download Shazam Music Downloader

Step – 2

Wait for some minutes until the downloading process completed.

Step – 3

Go to the storage file where it will save.

Step – 4

Now open the file and click on the Install button.

Step – 5

Until the complete installation, you can wait.

Step – 6

After complete the installation, an Open button will be shown on your screen, click on the button.

Step – 7

Now beside on this app, you will get a search box option and you can search any mp3 or video song on this app.

Steps to Download Music from Shazam for free – Using the Shazam Downloader App:

I know after downloading the Shazam Downloader app you are worried about to download music from this app. It is very easy to download music mp3/video but after an attempt the below-given steps you have to make sure that the Shazam Identifier app is installed on your device. Now following are the instruction to get download music using the Shazam Music Downloader app.

Step – 1

Open the Shazam App.

Step – 2

You need to download or identify which music just let Shazam listen to this music. From the My Shazam list, you can download your past discovered music.

Step – 3

Click on the music which you want to download.

Step – 4

Hit the share button near to Bluetooth button.

Step – 5

Now choose the ShazaMusic option.

Step – 6

Now select your music which you need to download and here also you can see in various types of music-related your search item like Lyrics, Mp3, Official video, etc.

Step – 7

Click o the right button to download the music or click on the left button if you listen to the music online.


Shazam Music Downloader is the app where you can download mp3/video music from Shazam. Above you will get to download the Shazam and Shazam Music Downloader app and also get the music downloading process of Shazam Downloader app when you want the music. And one amazing thing about this app this that you can do other tasks on this app when the downloading process is going on in the background. Now it’s time to download and use. If any problem arises on downloading and using then you can ask me by commenting below.

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