Top 11 Best Showbox Alternatives for Android, IOS and Windows Device

Are you facing trouble while streaming videos with Showbox?  Then here in this article are the list of Showbox alternatives apps that can help you in watching videos and movies online.

In this generation, people are connected to the internet the whole time and if you are an entertainment freak then online streaming apps are the most vital thing that you need for watching videos and movies online. Showbox is one of the popular apps for online streaming of videos, movies and various other shows on your Smartphone. Nowadays with the help of Internet, we love to watch movies and videos online anywhere. With Showbox, it becomes easy for you to choose your favorite movies and TV shows. This player also helps us to play videos in various quality such as 480p, 720p etc.

Top 10 Best Showbox Alternatives

But in recent days, some people have faced some problems while watching videos through Showbox, I also have faced some problems while streaming videos through Showbox. There must be some problem with the app, so below I will give a List of apps which can be used as Showbox alternatives for watching videos and movies through online streaming.

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Best ShowBox Alternatives Apps:

Showbox is the most used app for watching videos and movies online, I also have pretty much fun while using Showbox. But now the app is not working like before, I am facing problem while streaming online videos. So, with some effort I have found out some the most relevant apps you can use as an alternative to the Showbox app. Following are the list of those alternative apps.

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1. Movie Box App:

Download MovieBox

This app is one of the perfect alternatives of Showbox, the features of this app is very much similar to Showbox, you can watch various kind of videos through this app. you can also check ratings and reviews of any movie through this app. It also provides a subtitle for movies in different languages. You can watch shows, movies and various videos in any video quality. This app is very much easy to use, due to its user-friendly interface.

2. PlayBox HD App:

Download PlayBox HD App

PlayBox HD is also a good alternative for ShowBox, this app is available Android and IOS users. With this app, you can stream any videos, movies or music online. The features of this app are similar to the features of Showbox app. you can also stream any quality videos through this app.

3. Crackle App:

Download Crackle App

Crackle app Is another best alternative of Showbox, it has amazing features, and it also has a huge number of active users. This app enables you to add videos to watch list so that you can watch them at spare time. This app is available on both Android and IOS platforms. You can also cast your movies from Showbox to Chromecast quickly.

4. Sky HD App:

Download Sky HD App

This is another alternative for Showbox, this app has all the features are same as Showbox app. with this app you can watch online movies and videos, it can play videos of any quality. The user interface is easy to use as Showbox. So it can be a nice replacement for Showbox.

5. Movie HD App:

Download Movie HD App

Movie HD app can also be a nice alternative for Showbox, it has similar features to Showbox. It allows you to watch unlimited videos from the internet. And the user interface is pretty much easy to use. And you can also play these videos in any quality.

6. Megabox HD App:

Download MegaBox HD App

This app has similar features as Showbox, and you call also get access to unlimited movies. Its user interface is also similar to Showbox. It also allows you to watch videos and movies in various qualities, so it can be a nice alternative for Showbox.

7. Hulu App:

Download Hulu App

The Hulu app is one of the best Showbox alternatives, this app provides you the ability to add your movies or videos on the watch list so that you can watch them later. It also allows you to watch chrome cast videos on big screen.

8. Hub App Download:

Hub is also a good alternative for Showbox, it has many videos and movies to watch. There is also a facility to save your videos so that you can watch them offline. With this app, you can also download videos for free. Through this app, you can also share your video links on the social network so that they can also enjoy the video. You can also choose your media player to play the videos through this app. This app has contents more than famous streaming sites.

Download Hub App

9. Cartoon HD:

Download Cartoon HD

This app can be mainly used by kids to watch cartoons movies and shows. This app is also available for IOS platforms. You can stream videos in any quality, you wish for. This app is a very user-friendly due to its easy to use interface.

10. Popcorn Time App:

Download Popcorn Time App

It is a nice alternative for Showbox, in it, you can watch lots of videos and movies through this app in various formats and qualities.  This app supports Android, IOS and also supports Linux, so that you can watch videos on various platforms.

11. Movie Tube:

Download Movie Tube

Movie Tube is also a nice alternative for Showbox app, it has a vast collection of HD movies and videos, and that can be watched on any device such as MAC OS, Windows, Android and much more. This app is very much east to use due to its user-friendly interface.


These apps are the best alternatives to Showbox. Above I have given you the list of best alternatives of Showbox, take a look at these apps and use them, so that you can also watch videos, movies and TV shows on your Android device or other platforms. These apps will provide you with the same feature and will also provide with some additional features, they are also very easy to use due to their user-friendly interface. So if you have to something regarding Showbox alternatives, you can comment below, to express your views.

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