Snapchat Secrets – 9 Secrets That You Didn’t Know

Snapchat is too much popular these days among the users. And the popularity emerged because of Snapchat Secrets which you need to know. It’s been most widely searched on the internet and one of the top tricks to explore the App. The exposure of social media is increasing day by day and becomes the habit to everyone.snapchat secrets The sharing of photos or videos instantly about your life with the world has become easier due to the said App. The new applications for Smartphone’s made life easy for every people and interesting every day. Look no further, I will help you to get those special tricks to experience the secrets of App.

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Top 9 Snapchat Secrets for Your Smartphones :

Snapchat have tonnes of features that need to be hunt if you want to discover the App. To take the advantage of messaging App with the wide range of Snapchat secrets 2017. While the App never been much user-friendly because of its well-known feature of viewing snap for only 10 seconds and after that disappears.

Below is some list of Snapchat secrets that will help you to interact with possible changes of view.

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1. Add New Friends Without Having Contacts:

No worry if you don’t have the contact number of your friend. You can add your new friends on Snapchat by searching their Usernames or Email Address. Invite friends or other peoples to make friends on Snapchat from social media.

If you lost friend’s contact then there is still a way to connect with them. A feature allows to add friends or into the group by searching them at your nearby places by “Add Nearby”.

2. Snapcode Selfie:

Set your profile picture by adding animated selfie which will be displayed to other Snapchat users so they could recognize you easily. The instance called Snapcode is used to add a selfie photo. To take the selfie from the camera view just tap on the icon of Snapchat and then tap on the larger symbol of Snapchat after that Snapcode selfie screen will appear.

3. Enable Filters To Manage View:

At Snapchat you will able to see straight away the camera view which is the main screen of it. Helps to add friends when you swipe down the screen. At same the time from screen tap on the settings icon to access Snapchat secret and other hidden features.

Toggle different options from the sections of “Manage” under the additional services. Enable filters and travel mode options to reduce usage of mobile data.

To preview the available Snapchat secrets filter list swipe your fingers from left to right on the draft when once you have created a Snapchat account. You can see filters for geolocations on your based location according to time, temperature and much more.

4. Create Own Geofilter:

Geofilters are the interesting way to share your location wherever you are in real-time. It’s done by adding the overlay to your Snapchat. Enable filters for location services so you will able to add geofilter.

Create own geofilters for nearby events, neighborhoods, cities or more. Use online geofilter on Snapchat for creating the tool and is among one Snapchat secrets.

5. Increase The Size Of Emoji:

Select the text to alter own emojis. From the top screen press on the “T” symbol to maximize or minimize the emoji size. It makes interesting creativity to produce emojis. For that, you need zoom in or out by easy pinch.

6. Emoji Characters To Blow Up:

Emoji mostly used on social media platforms across the world. The Snapchat has its own emoji world in it and useful for crazy fans. The Snapchat secrets contain some mind blowing emoji characters which are actually from Photoshop application. This feature allows moving photo by pressing ctrl+t in order to increase or decrease the photo size.

Photoshop feature has been added to Snapchat App to deliver best emojis photo.

7. Photos or Videos To Upload:

You need to use the Snapchat camera for applying most of the filters and to explore the amazing features. The Snapchat secrets help to upload photos or videos from the mobile phones gallery options. And then you able on add your Snapchat stories. To access your camera at Snapchat in correct manner then follow the below steps-

Go to Snapchat settings > Scroll down by touching at screen > Tap on the Snapchat icon > Make sure to switch on the toggle by “camera”.

It’s among one of the top Snapchat secrets of Snapchat App that will change sharing to make your stories.

8. Video And Voice Calls:

The update in 2016 presented by the Snapchat allows making voice calls and video calls. Make calls for 10 seconds of voice or video clips to friends or with whomever you desire to. Click on call button and begin to chat with people for the extended time.

Only the updated version of Snapchat App is allowed to make calls for voice or video. The latest version shows the calling icon button from the chat box.  Just hold the icon of video and voice call to record for 10 seconds and it’s done. Now send it to others by holding the fingers on the screen at calling icon.

9. Video Speed Customization:

This feature is quite interesting for slow-motion. Snapchat App offers to make the video with rewind and fast forward options. If you haven’t tried then once use this trick to this amazing your very recent rewind to fast forward and into slow motion. To use this feature first record the video and then swipe the sides to make the ones as you intend before sharing with others.

You able to notice that when snail icon appears it means slow motion, then after when rabbit appears means having fast forward and rewind displays backward arrows.

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This article contains the best of some Snapchat secrets for the crazy fans of Snapchat social App. Details regarding the tips and hidden features which mentioned above are very much useful for users. Snapchat users can explore the App with these helps tips to customize their stories and share with others. If users have any issue regarding the secrets of Snapchats while using it or desire to know about the more additional features. Just let me know any queries if have then comment me on the below section.

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